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Students of Hyderabad develop sanitising currency notes device

Hyderabad: Students of Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology develop currency note sanitizing box along with other innovative products to keep their campus safe from coronavirus.

Speaking about the sanitising device a student inf0rmed that 'Money Cure', is equipment which sterilized and disinfects the currency notes and coins circulating in the economy and has passed many hand. The machine uses Far UV Rays which can be used as disinfectants and also human friendly. Far UV Rays, in general has been used to disinfect wounds for patients. The first level of testing has been successful and the basic version of the product will be available within a couple of day.

The Management, The Principal, specially the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering along with the department staff, have appreciated this discovery and congratulated students. They also encouraged and expressed their best wishes for their future Endeavour.

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