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1st Indian app by the students for the students

04 Jul 2020.09:48 AM

At a time when students are missing their second home - university or college campus, four students of Jadavpur University and two from IEM have launched a 'Virtual Campus', in the form of an App. The interactive Social Media platform is a new 'in-thing' among the students not only of Kolkata but also many other colleges of Bengal. The simple data supports the fact that only in last two weeks; almost 3000+ students from various District Colleges downloaded the app from Google Play Store.

Sagnik, Diganto, Sayantan and Vishnu of JU Production Engineering ideated, designed and developed the business model for the app.

They however got full technical support from Sourajit and Ankita of Electronics Engineering IEM, who later joined their team. The six of them spent close to 500+ hours in virtual meetings, without even having met a single time physically in the last three months. They finally made it possible despite the lockdown scenario and quickly gained traction among college students.

'We believe the App is going to be the next revolutionary virtual solution to simplify our college life.', said Diganto

'Students can chat on various topics, share notes, get info about exam schedules, placement details etc. on all-in-one platform for all the needs of a student', Sagnik added.

'We have started a writing competition in the campus. All the students Clubs of the campus- art, music, fashion, literature, sports have teamed up with us. We are getting overwhelming support from all square.', Sourajit supported.

Ankita said, 'we must mention about the support of our dadas and professors who helped and guided us.'

While the campus recruitment scenario this year remains doubtful, these students are working on getting their unique Start-Up funded and are talking to potential investors too!

'But what is the prospect of this App?'

Sagnik said, 'We believe with the changing lifestyle in the post-Covid scenario, a dedicated virtual platform to chat among friends, share necessary information, debate over topics is going to be the 'New Normal'. EVERYTHING is going digital, so why should our college-life miss out. That is why the Campus24 App is already a hit!'

'What is expansion plan?'

Sayantan said, 'We take students from various colleges in our team, thus helping them out in this crisis as well, and then we partner up with college clubs and then try to reach all the students through them. Currently we are fully focused on expanding into all colleges of Bengal first, and then we will start expanding nationwide.'

'If necessary, we plan to take the help of our professors and experts of IIM, Entrepreneurship Development cells of Kolkata'. Vishnu added.

'Also, I have heard the entire team is of college students ONLY? From developers to data scientists?'

'Yes, we truly want to show everyone that age is not a barrier to great work! Within a month, 250+ students from colleges all over India like the IITs, NITs, IIMs are interning in the startup. They are our real strength.' Diganto said.

The six students have shown, whether it's a lockdown or not, nobody can stop young and vibrant students to think and render something new. The initiative has indeed brought many students of different campuses together and is an escape from everyday monotony. It is becoming a virtual platform for students to express thoughts, talent and meet and interact with fellow students from nearby colleges.



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