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Kolkata Police: Bishwakarma Pujo will fly a kite, do you know what the police are going to do?

#Kolkata: The Kolkata Police will be keeping a close watch on kite flying on Bishwakarma Puja 2021 tomorrow. In particular, it has been reported that there will be police surveillance on the Maa Flyover in Kolkata and there will be drone surveillance by the Kolkata Police. So that nothing happens.

Incidentally, the National Environmental Court has already banned the sale and use of Chinese or synthetic manja. Although there is still no overall ban on kite flying. However, over the last few years, the Kolkata Police has raised concerns over one accident after another at the mother flyover. About two hundred people were injured in the dangerous manja. Even one person died in this way. In this situation, like in previous years, this year too, the police are trying to prevent accidents by dragging kites in the area.

However, according to the police, the local manja is no less dangerous than the Chinese manja. The type of manja yarn used to fly kites in the area adjacent to the mother flyover is often not Chinese manja, but can endanger the lives of ordinary people. Desi manja yarn can also become quite dangerous from time to time.

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However, some police stations like Tapasia and Beniapukur, which are adjacent to the mother flyover, have launched a campaign against kite flying and sale, but some of the police are quite skeptical about the outcome. According to a section of the police, all the kites that are flown from a distant area are cut off and fall into the flyover, but there is a high risk of an accident, they said.

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