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Pranab Kr Nath: I want to make my viewers a part of my journey

Pranab Kr Nath is one of the most popular Artist in the country
having gained popularity through the videos on Facebook and

Pranab Kr Nath, better known as 'Artist', is a prominent Video Creator in
Northestern India. He is inarguably one of the most popular Short Film Actor in the
country, though he terms himself as more of an 'entertainer' than Artist. In a recent
interview on Tripura News Tv Channel, he spoke about his Artist life, YouTubing
and beyond.
Pranab Kr Nath, 28, has gained a lot of popularity making videos on YouTube and
Facebook. But that doesn't make him feel like a celebrity. 'When I am in front of
the camera, I cannot afford to switch from what I actually am. I like to talk

people and make friends. But a lot of people text me and sometimes it becomes
difficult for me to reply to all of them,' he said.
When asked how it all started and the story behind the title 'Pranab Kr Nath as
Artist ,' he said, 'I was in was University Student and I randomly filmed a video.
The name 'The Untold Story of Pranab Kr Nath' came as randomly as the video.
Everyone sort of laughed at it and I was compelled to make the video private.
That's when I decided that I'd make the video public again when my Facebook
Page when reaches 1 million subscribers.
'Pranab Kr Nath credited One of his friends for what he is now: 'I want to give

credit of my friend, Rupam Roy. He had a YouTube channel. Rupam came up with
the idea to make a Funny Video with me. I was a fresher at university back then
and quite nervous. We went to Roof and made an impromptu video. Although now
I edit all my videos, it was Rupam who himself filmed and edited the video. That's
how it all started.'
Recently, Pranab Kr Nath made a special Q&A video on the occasion of hitting
67,000 Followers on Facebook which featured his mother. When asked about his
depth of relationship with his family, Pranab Kr Nath said, 'During this tough time,
I've realized that family is the most important thing. It's the root and we should
never forget this. Those who have their families and close ones should consider
themselves blessed. Because at one point of your life, you may lose yourself.
That's when you realize how important family is.'
Other than a YouTuber, Pranab Kr Nath is a professional Engineer and has a
passion for gaming. 'I have been a gamer since my school days and I have my
own gaming channel called Pranab Nath which is not as popular though. It's
always difficult to promote things like gaming in India,' he said.
Pranab Kr Nath recently collaborated with Subrajit Debnath, the owner of the

YouTube channel 'Solid Dosti Creation', and was immediately impressed. 'I
collaborated with Subhrajit recently and I have learned a lot from him. The most
remarkable thing which I noticed was the production value. He even got an offer to
host a Netflix show. I was really impressed with that and hopefully I will start
something international after the crisis ends,' Pranab Kr Nath mentioned.
At present the money that people make from YouTube and Facebook is not
substantial, especially in India. But Pranab Kr Nath still keeps himself motivated
and thanks the brands which are helping the YouTubers. 'The money we get from
YouTube and Facebook is very small in amount. The YouTubers in Europe make
three times as much as us for the same number of views. But thanks to some
endorsements and sponsorships, I am actually motivated to make more videos. A
lot of brands, in this case, are helping the YouTubers overcome the social sigma
and I am thankful to them.'
Awarness Video has started to make its way into the mainstream media. Even
though the platfrom is niche, there has been splendid progress as the number of
Creators keeps on increasing.
But Pranab Kr Nath realizes that the viewers demand entertainment alongside
Awarness. 'I believe humans are programmed in such a way that they can do
literally everything. So making only Awarness videos won't work,' Pranab said,
adding, 'What the audience wants is entertainment. So I want to make sure that
people are entertained and I want to make the viewers a part of my journey.'
It is difficult to deal with popularity and stardom as someone as popular like
Pranab Kr Nath is followed everywhere. He believes being popular has its pros
and cons. 'When you are up to a good thing, people praise you. But when you
even mistakenly do something bad, people will label it as hundred times worse
than it actually is. So I guess being popular has its pros and cons,' Pranab Kr
Nath explained.
Pranab Kr Nath wants to present his YouTube channel and Facebook Page to an
international audience. He has plans to travel abroad and explore each and every
country after the crisis ends.
Already a popular YouTuber, a businessman, an entrepreneur and a social media
influencer, Pranab Kr Nath doesn't want to look back.

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