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5 qualities you should see in a person before you marry them

Marriage is a one-time thing in every person's life, and it is the most beautiful thing to happen in any person's life. But before you choose someone to be your partner, it is always important to know inside-out about them.

The coolest part of a relationship is that you get to see constant surprises now and then.So, you need to know about your other half before you marry them. One way is to ask ample questions and try to know about them, and the other easy way is to observe and listen to what they are saying.

The reason why you should know about your partner is to cut-down the misunderstandings and confrontations after marriage. Let's say, you love X but he drinks a lot. You got to know the same before marriage and you are fine with that. So win-win situation for both of you.

But what if you never know the other side of your partner? He drinks, smokes, goes to pubs and party hard and you got to know about this after your marriage. Sadly, you don't like all these but what's next is the big question mark in your marriage life. Well, one can only assume everyday fights, arguments, and brawls in your marriage life. It's a desolate feeling. No one wants to see this coming. However, we've shared 5 qualities that you should see in a person before you marry them.

Family first:This generation is a mirror image of the earlier generation. A lot of couples after getting married, either they move out or go and settle in abroad. This has become a trend these days among millennial couples. But, it's always important to have someone who respects you, your family and your decisions. The person who respects your family can look after you better.

Passionate and high dreams: A person with high dreams, passionate about something is always considered a winner. If the same quality exists in your partner, then it's amazing. These days a lot of them lack this quality. When your partner is passionate about something, you could sense that fire in them to achieve it. Having passionate, high dreams and motivated partner is a plus for you. This quality keeps you going better in your life.

Supports you in every step: When you have a supporting partner, you can just close your eyes and say yes. Because, a lot of women or men wants to do something after marriage, like say if your wife wants to pursue higher education, a lot of men in these circumstances say no. They'll be like, my salary is enough to meet our household needs (Blah, blah, blah - the same old story). But few of them supports your growth, appreciates your victory, and applauds your success. So, this is another quality which you should see in your partner.

Teaches new things: Marriage is not only about two couples making out, doing sex and later having a family. It's more about exploring love in different ways. Teaching your partner a new thing which they don't know, maybe a new dish you are trying at home or surfing at the shore. It can be anything. This quality in your partner makes you grow into a better person.

Marriage is a one-time thing in every person's life, and it is the most beautiful thing to happen in any person's life.Your partner should always include you in every decision they make.

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