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CAA: Kapil Sibal Clarifies Stand, Asserts States Have Right To Seek Withdrawal

Senior Congress leader and Supreme Court advocate, Kapil Sibal on Sunday, attempted to put his earlier statement that it would not be possible for states to refuse to implement the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in perspective. The Congress leader on Sunday, put out a tweet saying that he believes that the CAA is unconstitutional and that every state assembly has the constitutional right to pass a resolution and seek withdrawal of the Act.

Sibal's tweet further said that "when and if the law is declared to be constitutional by the Supreme Court, then it will be problematic to oppose it." He concluded his post by adding "the fight must go on!"

On Saturday Kapil Sibal, Speaking at a session of the Kerala Literature Festival had observed that it would not be possible for a state to say that CAA would not be implemented. Saying so would be problematic, he added, suggesting that it would be unconstitutional to refuse to implement the CAA.

The Congress leader's remarks went viral, forcing him to put his observations in perspective.

Here's Kapil Sibal's Sunday tweet clarifying his stand:

Legal experts have pointed out that citizenship was an exclusive prerogative of the Union government and that state governments have no say in the issue.

Once the Supreme Court makes its final pronouncement on the issue on the constitutionality of CAA, the controversy is likely to ebb.

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