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How to say NO to your boss? : Here are the 5 polite ways of saying NO to your boss

We all are living in a world where bosses are always right. Saying NO to your boss is like a goodbye call to our career. So, we all got habituated to dig our own grave deeper by saying YES. Need a promotion? Say YES to your boss. Need a hike in your salary? Say YES to your boss.

Disagreeing something or someone these days is like a big question mark. We need guts to say someone a quick no on their face. And I agree that everyone wants to be a "Yes man" but it is equally important to know "how to say no" as well. These days it's very important to know how to reject or deny something or someone in a polite way by not hurting their feelings or emotions.

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits quoted in one of his tweets.

"When you say no, you are only saying no to one option.

When you say yes, you are saying no to every other option.

No is a decision. Yes is a responsibility.

Be careful what (and who) you say yes to. It will shape your day, your career, your family, your life".

There are certain ways you should know how to convey a point and also make them believe that it's right. So here are the five polite ways of saying NO to your boss:

Always acknowledge first: Everyone wants to run away from the office as and when the clock ticks 5'oclock. And suddenly your boss calls you to his cabin and asks you to stay. But you want to say no. So, here is the start you need.

Bosses feel buoyant when you acknowledge their words, instead of a saying 'NO' directly on their face. A straight no would be a bit ungracious towards anyone. So first acknowledge your boss's words and then tell what exactly is bothering you from staying an extra hour.

The chances of listening would be more here because from the beginning you acknowledged that your boss is right. Later, you proceeded to say about your hassle of staying an extra hour. And this affirmative tone of conveying would give you grace marks to your impression.

Use humor in your answer: Every person loves to be fun at their workplace. But have you tried being funny with your boss? If yes, then your homework is done. Because this gives you the leeway to say no to your boss. So folks, being funny with your boss is one way to make your employee-employer relationship stronger.

Start positively and end positively: Always start a conversation with your boss positively and end it positively. Keep this funda in your mind. Let's say for instance your boss assigned you additional work to do, but you want to say no. Then start saying, I'm obliged that you have considered me to do this work. I'm very happy to do it (Positive tone). But boss, I got an emergency call from my mom and she needs me now. So, with your permission can I complete this work tomorrow? (Positive tone/requesting tone). This sounds so reassuring. Isn't it? On one side you agreed with your boss and on the other side, you asked for permission in a requesting manner. So a win-win situation for both of you.

Try to recommend someone: Let's say you are assigned some task to do, but you were already occupied with something else and you want to say no to your boss. Now if you are wise enough, you'll recommend someone from your team who's is equally capable of doing the same work.

Don't tell stories: A lot of people beat around the bush. Most of the bosses don't like hearing stories because stories can either make your child sleep or it can be used as a selling technique to close a sale. So whatever you speak, just be honest and be ready to prove it right when the right time comes.

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