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Ramya bags gold in International Karate Championship, 2019

Hyderabad: 24-year-old Ramya Tejaswini Cherupalli from Kothapet has won a gold medal and a bronze medal in two different events at International Karate Championship-2019 which was held in Visakhapatnam recently. She won a gold medal in Kata (Blocking Skill) and bronze medal in Kumite (fight).

"It's my brother and coach Vivek Teja Cherupalli who discovered my latent talent in karate while I was making moves watching professional karate artists. I showed great interest in it. Every day he used to practice me for about six hours, combined with strength training" Ramya said. The feat was new and special for her but her passion towards the game kept her going in the tournament and at the end she won the gold to make her family, city and country proud.
Just with eight months experience in Karate field, the sport which started as a hobby is now a career option for her as she continues to train hard and eyeing bigger platform to showcase her talent. 'The passion towards the game helps me moving forward. This was not my passion since childhood, but I am learning Karate since these few months. I struggled hard to get my name high in Karate championship' added Ramya Tejaswini.
'My life has completely changed after I got serious towards achieving my goals. Karate makes a person disciplines but it taught me lesson for life like placing virtue before vice, values before vanity and principles before personalities.
It changed my attitude, improved my behaviour and cultivated modesty in me. My family supported me and they appreciated my every efforts and achievements. In this unsafe world the girls must move freely outside and that gives a sense of satisfaction to her parents at home" said Ramya Tejaswini
"I am training her from past eight months. She is a very fast learner and by looking at her interest I started training her. She adapted very fast and for doing kata one should have three years experience but she learned in this short period and performed well in the tournament. I am sure that she will be a Olympian for 2024" said a proud Vivek Teja.
- Arti Adke

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