Monday, 03 Jun, 11.40 am The Hans India

Zoreum Labs' Hyd centre rolls out AsliStamp

Hyderabad: Zoreum Labs, a Singapore-based Blockchain services company on Monday said its development centre in Hyderabad has launched a dApp(decentralised application) called as AsliStamp.

The dApppowered by their proprietary, patent pending, SwaNet Blockchain Protocol fights fake certificates, counterfeit trade labels and document fraud.

The company said that AsliStamp generates a cryptographic hash based SQRC, a next generation QR code, based on data of documents like University Certificates, Commercial Papers, Government Identities, Artworks, LegalAgreements, Immigration Documents, Share Certificates etc.

As the hash of document data is stored on Blockchain, any change in data on server is not possible, it added.

Ramakrishna, co-founder, Zoreum Blockchain Labs, said: "With the availability of powerful data and image processing tools, one can easily manipulate various digital documents, agreements, certificates and others without leaving obvious visual traces of tampering.

Hence, AsliStampwill help businesses, financial institutions, education institutions, individuals and governments to fight document forgery, fake certificates and other fraudulent activities around digital data manipulation."

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