Tuesday, 04 Aug, 12.20 pm Toli Velugu

Fee Cap Snubbed: T-Govt Cancels Permission Of Deccan Hospitals..But..?

Amidst the increasing criticism over government turning a blind on private hospitals charging high fees for corona patients, Telangana government on Monday finally cracked its whip. With the reports of charging exorbitant medical bills, the director of public health and family welfare Dr G Srinivas Rao cancelled permission of Deccan Hospital in Somajiguda.

Instructing the hospital authorities to stop admitting new corona patients, the government ordered that no inconvenience should be caused to the patients who were already undergoing treatment in the hospital. The action came hours after a young man lost his parents and brother who were undergoing treatment in Deccan Hospital.

Not only did the hospital charge the hiking amount of RS 40 lakhs for treatment but has refused to hand over the dead bodies until the pending fee is paid. The government bribed action against the authorities with the youngster taking to social media to take the issue to minister KTR.

However, it was learnt that the cancelled permission is only applicable to corona treatment while the hospital will continue treating other patients. This has welcomed sharp criticism from all sections as a few lashed out on the government for taking nominal action against the private hospitals out of social media pressure


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