Monday, 03 Aug, 1.24 pm Toli Velugu

Loophole Behind Telangana's Corona Count Falling Below 1K-Mark..?

Almost after a month of registering more than 1,000 cases per day, Telangana which has been one of the hotspots for pandemic at once registered a sharp drop on cases. As per the data released by the state health officials, the state on Monday registered just 983 cases across the state.

While the citizen wondered if the situations in the state really started to come under control, here is a clever loop behind the officials' count. It was learnt that the number of testings done from the past 24 hours also dropped drastically.

As the officials claim to conduct 9,443 corona diagnosis tests from Saturday to Sunday, 983 tests turned positive while 1,414 still remained pending.

This is comparatively very low against over 20,000 per day during the last few days while the government claims to have 320 centres, 16 government and 23 private laboratories conducted RT-PCR, CBNAAT and rapid antigen tests.

Telangana which is already on the bad books of discrepancies in corona numbers yet again welcomed criticism with latest health bulletin. A few of netizens noted the same lashing out that the government is giving false hopes to the citizen with less testing rate.


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