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60,000 Indian Women Will Be Hired By IT Firms; 70% Salary Hike For Women IT Employees!

So this is something worth putting up! Women candidates are in great demand and if you are looking for job offers or want to restart your career, by the end of this article you are going to have a big, big smile!

Big IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro, HCL Technologies, and Infosys are planning to hire around 60,000 women candidates this year through campus placements.

These companies in India are focusing on creating opportunities for women candidates for entry-level roles to promote gender diversity in the workforce.

According to a report in the Times of India , women who want to join after a break are offered a 70% jump over their last drawn salary. Currently, the IT sector accounts for 65 per cent of all job openings.

"As demand for digital talent soars, the industry is further looking at enhancing women participation in the workforce through increased campus hiring, hybrid work models and skilling interventions,"

She said to Economic Times adding that currently, India's IT industry has a gender ratio of 33 per cent.

Sangeeta Gupta, Senior Vice President, Nasscom


TCS is expected to hire between 38 and 45 per cent, women, through campus placements, as it has for the past three years.

The company now employs 1.85 lakh women and aims to hire 15,000-18,000 more for entry-level positions. In the fiscal year 2021-22, TCS would hire approximately 40,000 freshers from Indian campuses.


HCL intends to hire 22,000 people, 60 per cent of whom will be women. In the following years, the organisation hopes to achieve a 50:50 gender diversity balance.


Infosys is focusing on having 45% feminine workers in its complete workforce by 2030. Infosys said that they plan to hire 35,000 college graduates for the financial year 2022.

"Voluntary attrition, in some sense, is an area of concern but it's also a reflection of the high demand environment out there and the shortage of supply. We expect this situation to continue till supply catches up," Rao said, adding that 10,000 freshers have already been hired, with the remaining to be in the next 2-3 quarters.


Wipro's IT services workforce surpassed 200,000, with a total headcount of 209,890, according to the company's first-quarter update.

Wipro plans to hire 30,000 candidates through campus placement this year, 50 per cent of which are likely to be women.

"The gender diversity among campus hires has been increasing consistently every year,"

Wipro Chief Human Resources officer told the Economic Times.

Women Lost Jobs Much More Than Men During The Pandemic!

These organisations have already demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing gender diversity in the workplace, and their initiatives have already yielded considerable results.

These steps will not only encourage more creativity but will also result in enhanced profitability and better-performing teams.

Avtar founder Saundarya Rajesh told ToI: "Women candidates are in great demand. In sheer numbers, the demand in just Q1 (April-June) is almost as much as what we witnessed throughout FY21."

"Not only are companies hiring in really large numbers, but the salaries being offered are also very attractive, with hikes of almost 60-70% over their current pay. Here too, second career women are in high demand - their salaries are often more affordable since the pay packet being matched is only their last drawn, several months or years ago," said Rajesh.

WFH Had Increased Opportunities For Women

Also in India, work-from-home (WFH) had increased opportunities for women, especially for those looking to reenter the workforce. "This trend has been a boon for married women in India," said Chakraborty.

"Women lost jobs much more than men did during the pandemic. But those women who were retained, the ones who stayed, are performing very well," said Rajesh.

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