Friday, 29 Nov, 9.44 pm Trickyism

Your Electronic Devices Will Stop Working In 19 Jan 2038 ( Seriously )

Hey There!

Yes, You Read It Right. Your All Electronic Devices Will Stop Working On 19th Jan 2038.

But Why?

This Is Because of the Year 2038 problem... ( Also Called As The 2038 Bug )

But, What Is the Bug? Here is The Summary and if you want to know about it completely, then out this Video Completely.

Our 32 bit Unix Time will start showing 00:00:00 UTC and because of this all over banking systems, Movies booking system, computer systems, databases, cars, etc will stop working.

And If You Owned any Old Car, or Any Old Cellphone, will be stopped working and all these systems will be crashed. I Hope, You will Like this Video. If you want More Such Videos, Then Open YouTube and Search For MoviesBar.

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