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Brand Factory's offbeat Khade Thand Par Dhoka campaign by IdeateLabs reached over 10 million people

Mumbai: During the season for hoodies, jackets and warm clothing, Brand Factory realized people were unaware of their large winter collection. That too, on discount. To tackle this issue, and become a destination for winter shopping, they turned to the digital platform.

Keeping Brand Factory's core target audience in mind, IdeateLabs, a leading digital marketing agency, launched a quirky campaign 'Khade Thand Par Dhoka' (#KTPD). This campaign was inspired by KLPD - a popular slang that never fails to grab attention. While KLPD meant things going wrong in general, KTPD stood for things that go wrong in winters. The core message communicated was, 'When life acts cold, stay warm with the winter collection at Brand Factory.'

Through an aggressive approach, the agency launched a series of posts and memes on social media platforms to establish the KTPD concept. Gen Z instantly lapped up the humour and sarcasm of the campaign; and within few days KTPD became the buzzword in social circles. Through the power of Facebook and Instagram, the message blazed across to over 10 million people, even as 2 lakh users engaged with it.

Roch DSouza

The campaign was further amplified with two digital films,based on winter plans that got KTPDied.

It captured the classic 'that happened with me too' moments. Little wonder, the videos garnered over 4 million views across social media platforms and took conversations around KTPD to an all-time high.

Roch D'Souza, Marketing Head, Brand Factory says, "Although we are known for great range of apparel at smart prices, we are not known for the winter collection category. Winter was a great opportunity to tell our customers just this through the campaign. And, what better than to have a category at its peak time on great discount!

Results: a phenomenal success"

Ashish Rana

Ashish Rana, Business Head, IdeateLabs said, "All fashion brands advertise for their winter collection and some players have large winter sales that are already extremely popular. Our task was to not only bring Brand Factory into the consideration set, but lead them to the stores. We created a campaign that truly cut ice with our audience, generated a whole lot of conversations, and better - led to an increase in footfalls!"

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