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Brandintellé provides for the need of a consolidated process for all marketing activities: Biswajit Das

Brandintellé Services is a centralized marketing system that exercises end-to-end hyper process automation to organize massive data of all marketing functions on a single platform.

The company uses technologies like Big Data to remove manual workload, detect and eliminate human errors and produce an immediate result which enables huge savings on cost, time and resources.

Medianews4u spoke to Biswajit Das, Founder of Brandintellé. In a candid chat he spoke to us about Brandintellé its services and what differentiates them from other marketing automation services.

Edited Excerpts.

Tell us about Brandintellé: how was it formed? What are the services?

Brandintellé Services was formed to help organizations to democratize their marketing - by bridging the "data chasm" between the CFO, CMO & CEO. But as we went along, our vision expanded and our current vision is to reduce the need for making marketing course corrections.

We started off in 2014 with a service for extreme process automation of large Marketing Departments. The software was built by the Mediaware Infotech team who had a lot of relevant experience.

We launched the Brandintellé software service in 2016 with our first client Hero MotoCorp. After successfully automating Hero's Marketing activities across all its 30 odd offices, we realized that there was a great need for automation of marketing departments of large marketing-led corporations. Our second client was from the FMCG space: Reckitt Benckiser India.

You mentioned that your vision thus expanded. How did that happen? What are the major pillars of Brandintellé?

Extreme Process Automation of all marketing activities across the enterprise. This was the first step in digitisation of marketing departments, which result in transparency and its attendant cost efficiencies, while providing finely sliced and diced marketing investments data.

The second pillar Persistent Data Analytics, on a big-data enabled infrastructure with statistical machine learning and artificial intelligence - for speedy course corrections.

The third pillar, the real time feeding Back of Deep Insights into the process automation software - to minimize marketing course corrections.

With the fast-growing environment and ever-changing demands, what are the trends do you spot in the marketing automation space and related services?

Today's marketing budget allocations are inclining increasingly towards digital and activation. While some see this trend as approaching niche audiences, this is also a sign that marketing investments need to be tracked for ROI. Interestingly, all this involves a huge amount of data flowing into Marketing, which in turn begs for analytics and Marketing ROI.

What's not immediately obvious is the need for a consolidated process for all marketing activities. Brandintellé as a platform does this smoothly, while aggregating marketing data into a single real time database - which could be readily used for analytics in conjunction with other data.

What according to you is the need of the hour for the clients you service?

The need of the hour is to maximize the potential and reach of each marketing activity by minimizing wastage and leakage. Although this monitoring is at a micro level and therefore the job of the marketing team, there is also a clear need at the CXO level to track overall Marketing ROI, broken down by brands, markets and categories, preferably in real time. This is possible if there are no major "data chasms" between Marketing, Finance & Sales.

Finally, there is a need to be able to use the deep insights directly in the marketing decision-making process in real-time so as to minimize the need for marketing course corrections.

How does Brandintellé stand out amongst other marketing systems in the market?

We have leveraged our 24+ years of experience in advertising marketing process automation. We offer regularly updated lists of Indian Media Masters data which makes implementation easier. We invest in understanding our clients' current needs with constant feedback. We customize tailor-made features for our clients & integrate them with their system. On an average, our system gets updated with new and advanced features every 20 days.

We also offer regularly updated Indian Census and Geography data for better analytics. Finally, we constantly invest in new technology for staying future-proof. Our 2020 vision is to reduce the need of marketing course correction.

How different is Brandintellé from a CRM service, which also allows a marketer to manage campaigns and provide real-time insights?

Brandintellé is more of a privately-controlled, Marketing Dept. ERP platform for large Marketing Depts. with a built-in process automation for marketing. We record marketing investments at every place. Be it ATL, BTL or OTT. If a hoarding is to be placed in some part of Odisha, it will record and showcase each penny spent at a granular level. This helps in focusing on overall cost-cutting rather than just focusing on the digital aspect.

Brandintellé platform offers integrates with other software - both established as well as niche. For example, Brandintellé can integrate with CRM software, Finance software as easily as with Outdoor Monitoring software. Deep integration provides high value to the end client. Parallelly, Dataintellé provides real-time insights for Marketing Dept. for course corrections. Brandintellé has been integrated with software like Salesforce, SAP Finance, to name a couple.

How do you leverage Big Data to provide actionable insights to clients?

Our Dataintellé service provides a big data platform for pulling data from diverse sources into a single cluster. This data is analysed by our data scientists for associations, correlations before deciding on the statistical models to be deployed. These are converted into metrics which can be generated automatically with every update of data. The resulting insights are near real time and we will make these available from our Marketing Process Automation software.

What's next for Brandintellé? What else is in store?

We have the following plans for the coming 6 months:

Dataintellé Persistent Marketing Analytics: The idea is to provide a big-data platform to our clients for continuous marketing analytics leading to Marketing Course Correction by adding additional layers of data like sales, competition, online data, retail data, digital sentiment, competition, market research - integrated with finely sliced marketing spends data from Brandintellé.

A Marketing Platform: (as against software) which will host multiple 3rd party IT-enabled services like Outdoor Monitoring, Activation Monitoring and hopefully many more. The idea is to "deep-integrate" 3rd party apps with Marketing Process Automation software so that the end-client gets maximum benefit of integrated workflows as well as integrated reporting, not to mention integrated analytics.

Integrating deep insights into marketing process: Automation software to reduce the need for course correction. The idea is to use the insights in real time - like Uber, which uses real-time insights from Google Maps to chart the most optimum route.

Where do you see Brandintellé a year from now?

The more we serve our clients, the more we understand the market needs. We are currently adding new professionals to our team and pitching to new clients. In the coming years, we plan to explore the developed country markets with our modified offerings.

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