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Integrated Marketing: How to elevate digital marketing strategies for brands during crisis?

With the global pandemic creating the feeling of ambiguity and anxiety across the world, not one but many industries have shattered to crumbles and are out of business. Today, the Internet is the only place where people feel comfortable socializing, exploring, or participating in retailing practices over live, physical, or real offline experiences. Whether it is virtual experiences or beyond, people are seeking anything and everything from the comfort and safety of their homes. And, this new normal is all about digital transformation with people living quarantined lives, only walking out of their homes for necessities.

Shift towards Digital Media

Some recent studies suggest that the digital impact is such that the internet consumption of consumers from 35 to 44 age bracket has increased by 11% while an average increase of 5-7% is seen amongst the millennial. The impact of COVID-19 has brought about similar shifts in consumption of prominent platforms such as Facebook saw an 18% increase in usage, Instagram saw 20%, and WhatsApp around 17%, according to the Nielsen Report. Not only social media but other digital platforms such as OTT, Games, News, and more have witnessed growth as well.

The sizable change in the customer's perspective has led to the unforeseen disappearance of all channels in relation to offline events and conferences. Further, the hesitation, the drastic change in human behaviour, and the continuous adoption of more secure methods of interaction have led brands towards a more digitally integrated world, where people find everything within a few clicks.

How to digitally transform?

To leverage the reach of digital media during the Coronavirus global crisis, brands and marketing agencies must focus on tapping several digital media and taking necessary steps to engage with their potential target group on the platform. Whether local or multinational organizations, brands must follow the step-by-step guide to understand the consumers and every detail that leads to the final sale. Here is how the brands can do it:

  1. Map Customer Journey for your Product/Service: Effective mapping of every step along the customer journey (for a product/service) will enable brands to identify various touch points that can be leveraged to make an impression on the conscious and subconscious minds of the consumers during their digital interactions.
  2. Research Digital Avenues: Every touch point can be leveraged to establish a meaningful connection with the consumer. While promoting your brand, some avenues may be a platform to push the brand in the face, but some may enable organizations to put the brand forth with creative and compelling storytelling.
  3. Plan Strategic Campaigns: Upon analyzing every digital media and deducing the ones that best suit your needs, the brand must plan strategic marketing campaigns that strike a meaningful chord in the hearts of the consumers.

Emphasize on Digital Adaptability

Communication is a crucial part of building the brand-customer relationship, and with the digitization of it, it has become even more imperative for the brands to explore and experiment the several realms of it; from social media marketing to digital ad campaigns, from YouTube Video Marketing to Search Engine Optimization, and not just this, the opportunity for local brands to venture into creating an online identity for themselves amidst the online competition is crucial to stay afloat and attract new customers.

At the core of brand marketing lies the consumers, and they are present on digital media in large numbers. Thus, while taking measures to curate digital campaigns, the brands must consider every digital channel as a platform to engage with their audiences. Just remember, when top-tier brands like Nike, McDonald's, and Apple are in a twitch to expand its digital advertisement footprint to gain and retain loyal consumers during this pandemic, then how imperative it is for every brand to integrate digital marketing strategies during crises.

Authored by Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue.

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