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Saral Jeevan bolsters its prime time programming with launch of 4 new shows from Dec 24

Bangalore: Saral Jeevan, the 1st infotainment channel in Kannada, is launching 4 big properties from 24th Dec. Exploring more from factual & mythology genres, the 2 weekday programs are decoded and designed with insights from Indian History and The Mahabharata. The weekend programs to cover cookery and stories behind mega cinemas.

Krishna: Stories of Lord Krishna are legendary. Starting from Krishnavathara to Krishna as Sarathi for Arjuna, his life at every stage has many stories that inspire as guiding force to humanity for centuries. The series on Lord Krishna will have episodes in 5 phases, which include Lord Krishna's childhood (Bala Krishna), youth (Gopika Krishna) and Krishna as Sarathi (in The Mahabharata) as the last phase.