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Chief Minister Siddaramaiah trolls PM Modi

05/07/2018 03:10:47

Bengaluru: The Karnataka election fight has seen various non-Kannadiga star campaigners go to the state and do their best to charm the voters. The fight has gone from throwing genuine assertions to trolling each other.

In late March, Congress president Rahul Gandhi was trolled for mispronouncing the name of M Visvesvaraya. PM Modi and the BJP too had ridiculed him for his goof-up.

In any case, now PM Modi himself turned into a victim of online troll and this time it is from Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for mispronouncing a Kannada word.

Tending to a rally in Bagalkot on Sunday he had misspoke the Kannada word 'Kudala Sangama' as 'Kundala Sangama'.

In a tweet Siddaramaiah said that Kannidigas were generous to pardon even somebody mis-pronunced Kannada words. "Shri @narendramodi avare, it is Kudala Sangama not Kundala Sangama. Mis-pronouncing a Kannada word is not a big deal. Kannadigas are magnanimous: they forgive you. But sad that you lack the heartedness of Kannadigas. You make speeches to laugh at others' pronunciation," he tweeted.

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