Sunday, 24 Jan, 11.36 am Udayavani

Non-operational lightposts on BC Road-Panemangalore h'way pose threat to motorists

Bantwal: None of the 61 big light posts on the highway between BC Road and Panemangalore are operational causing much distress to motorists travelling on the highway during the night.

There have also been many accidents as a result of the non-operational lights.

The area where the lights are falls under the combined jurisdiction of Bantwal town council and the Narikombu gram panchayat.

In 2014, the light posts were repaired by the town council at a cost of Rs 10 lakhs, officials said. Adding that if the lamps in the light posts are not repaired, it is possible that the pillars will be stolen.

Apart from the highway, the bridge on the Netravati river too is in need of proper lighting as many suicides are committed here by jumping into the river from the bridge.

Moreover, garbage is being dumped on the highway and river at night and a pile of garbage has collected on a side of the road. These would be controlled with adequate lighting.

Many light posts near the BC Road Circle and the old toll plaza have large trees next to them whose branches cover the posts causing the improper spread of light.

“Lightposts are essential to avoid accidents on the highway. It has been noted that the lamps in them are not working. In 2014, they were repaired at a cost of Rs 10 lakh. The problem will be brought to the attention of the concerned and will be repaired soon,” said Lena Britto, an officer at the Bantwal town council.

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