Ujwal Sharma


You Can Evolve at Any Point

18 Nov 2020.10:04 PM

Many times it is easy to be stuck by choice, but it is important to realize that you can evolve at any point. You are not stuck in one industry, career, place or belief system. Uncertainty is a scary concept, nobody seeks failure. Everyone always aims for success, but nothing will teach you better lessons than failure will. 

When you surround yourself with the right energy, you are capable of accomplishing a lot in six months. The roots of progress are thoughts and decision making. According to Mike Barron, one of the top marketers in the digital world and two 2-Comma Club winner, there are five main steps you can take today to upgrade your life.

1. Become a producer of content

The creation of content is part of your life. We are all creators in a way, but becoming aware of the content we create and who we create it for is key to exponential success. Most people use social media to share part of their lives every day. If you focus on sharing parts that add value to people, you will automatically attract the right energy into your life. 


Life on the Internet is a life full of the production of content. It sounds so obvious and small. You've probably even thought about it before. But have you got it done yet? Will you do more of that? Content has been democratized by the Internet. That means, in simple terms, that you can get paid to create content. You are already doing it for free, might as well get paid for it.

2. Do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

It's what you're afraid of that produces remarkable growth. What you need is 60 seconds of confidence to shake your past convictions and try something different. When you do, and you rip off the bandaid that saves your life, it all changes. What scares you the most? For 60 seconds, will you do that? Instead of asking yourself, what could go wrong? Ask yourself, what could go right? What will I learn from this? Once you do that, make it a priority to do the things you have never dared to do before.

3. Forgive someone who has hurt you in the past.

When you forgive, you grow. Forgiveness is not about the person that you are forgiving. Forgiveness consists of liberating yourself from negative energy, resentment, and painful emotions. 

Would you still care to not forgive the person who wronged you if you had 24 hours to live? Make it a priority to liberate yourself from any emotion that is stopping you from moving forward.

4. Learn about finances.

If you spend time educating yourself about how money really works, and not how school thinks it works, your financial future will improve. If you don’t know how much works, no matter how much money you make, you won’t be able to keep it or grow it.

5. Take an online course that teaches you a valuable skill.

This one is so important. Nothing will help you evolve more than learning a new skill. For your skills, you get paid. You derive satisfaction from your ability. We all have the capability to develop new talents as long as we decide to commit to our growth. Mike Barron teaches entrepreneurs how to do sales and has a free course where you can start developing one of the highest paying skills in the world.

“If you follow these five steps, you will notice a great amount of positive change in your life. The difference between successful entrepreneurs and average individuals consists in their habits, the information they consume and how they spend their time.” - Mike Barron




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