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Carjoz launched its first flagship garage:

11 Jul 2022.7:35 PM


Carjoz on demand car repair and maintenance start-up launched its first Physical Multi-brand Garage in Hyderabad named CARJOZ FLAGSHIP GARAGE.

To quote Tom Robbins, “There’s birth, there’s death, and in between there’s maintenance”.

This is the ideology that Carjoz, the multi-branded car maintenance garage supposedly lives by. Based in Rajendra Nagar underneath the PV Narasimha Expressway, it has been catering to every car owner’s needs from all corners of this vast and diverse city.

It was established due to a bizarre occurring taking place in 2015. M A Azeem, also credited to be one of the two founders of Carjoz, also an automobile engineer, once had complications with his car causing it to break down.

Upon taking it to a mechanic close by, the mechanic had fixed his car but also went ahead and ripped off Mr. Azeem for a rectification which should’ve cost way lesser. This incident led to Carjoz being envisaged and formed by Mr. Azeem and his close friend Mohammed Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui, who is also an automobile engineer.

(Founders – Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui and M A Azeem)

Now, usually, customers expect a personalized or a carefree experience for the maintenance and repair of their car and Carjoz delivers it. Since its inception, the Carjoz team has taken utmost care of the cars entering their garage, claiming to keep customers and their needs of paramount importance. Now a car maintenance garage wouldn’t be much if they provided basic or generic services that most garages/mechanic shops provide. To pull away from the rest and make their own name in this vast city with limitless opportunities and very less scope for high success as an entrepreneur. Carjoz provides a variety of services through their central garage, which includes general periodic service, car wash, paint jobs, dent rectification, car scans, and an overall automobile part repair. It also provides its services to all kinds of car brands and car types, be it a Hyundai SUV or a sedan from Mercedes. You name it. They got it.

Now, to fully understand Carjoz’s leap onto the big stage, when the startup was catering to just over 1000 customers without having employed anyone just yet. M A Azeem and Mohammed Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui bent over backward to keep Carjoz alive by running door-to-door service without any monetary/financial support. Finally, after three years of struggle both raised an investment from a VC firm ‘Limitless Advisory LLP’ of an undisclosed amount which is helping in the expansion of Carjoz across the city.

Carjoz Flagship Garage is equipped with advanced tools and equipment to cater to needs of the customers and their cars. It also helped them in providing car owners a lifetime maintenance solution in the most efficient manner. It also plans to expand to multiple locations within the city in the coming months while switching to bookings only on an appointment basis to help reduce the customers' waiting time. It now also provides free consultation for its customers looking to buy used and refurbished cars.

Carjoz was just a small startup three years back, a mere idea to really put you into perspective. But it’s grown to become so much more. What started with only a meager amount of Rs 25000 is now doing 50 Lakhs ARR. The team is full of enthusiasm and growing exponentially month over month.

“In this fast-paced world, people don’t have enough time to take out time to go and get their car serviced and car owners are looking for service providers with high transparency and low turnaround time. Carjoz fulfills exactly the need of car owners”- M A Azeem, Co-Founder, Carjoz India.

“Entrepreneurship requires blood and sweat to build something from scratch. We do a lot of mistakes during our journey but learn from those mistakes and keep moving” - Mohd Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui, Co-Founder, Carjoz India.




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