Wednesday, 22 May, 2.21 am Voice & Data

Home powers KENT CamEye with live streaming car security system in India, the company that provides voice, video and live broadcasting platform, has announced a partnership with KENT CamEye, a car security device that uses dual cameras to live stream and record everything happening inside and outside of the vehicle. has released a press statement regarding this deal.

Under the new partnership, Agora will be the exclusive provider of real-time voice and video solutions to power KENT CamEye's live streaming and voice calling features.

According to data from India's Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, the number of registered passenger cars in India has more than doubled to approximately 29 million since 2010. Ongoing efforts have been made to prioritize road safety and penalize drivers more heavily for traffic offenses, but speeding and negligent driving are still common problems on the country's busy roads.