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22 Nov 2021.9:24 PM

From soles to souls, footwear presents an excellent opportunity for our human experience. There is no warming factor other than sliding a classic pair of shoes onto your feet. Shoes have just not rested as an accessory that complements the sartorial get-up. However, with evolving times, shoes are also going through a significant shift, and their rank is not confined to fashion accessories. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are embedding their heart and soul into manufacturing the shoes ''Smart'', which by far many conventional footwear brands have yet to accomplish. Young entrepreneurs are transforming the Indian footwear industry endlessly.

Let's shed on the entrepreneurial expedition of a luxury leather shoe brand and what motivated them to develop such a product.


Ashish Kashyap and Pushpendra Singh

The brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Ashish Kashyap and Pushpendra Singh Tan & Taw Shoes, comes from the most refined design studio in North India and is crafted with man's different judgment and precision machine with the most exceptional imported leather.


When asked about the brand, Founder's said: "Tan & Taw's collection is a portrait of elegant and modern designs made visible through hand-painted colours, ultra-fine detailing, and exceptional quality. Our shoes are handcrafted because we believe in making shoes by hand; it leaves a reverberation and saves the craft for future generations. We value our community of artisans and the connection our shoes have with the wearer. From classic dress shoes to monks, we create head-turning pairs for wherever you need to go."


In an exclusive conversation with founders, more insights into the brand were shared... - Interview Excerpts.







What were the gaps in the present footwear market which inspired you to the official launch of the label TAN & TAW? Kindly shed light on your entrepreneurial journey?

Luxury Italian collection footwear is now available in India at a reasonable cost, unlike imported labels that offer identical products at exorbitant prices. An Indian brand, Tan & Taw, set foot in the luxury shoe market of India and upscaled the Indian luxury business.


Six years ago, we decided to quit corporate life so that we could embark on an entrepreneurship journey which we have always worshipped for its mysterious powers– dress shoes, we unquestionably love the classic style, and after having leaped, the trial has been on a roll, we have faced our set of challenges, for us the biggest challenge was product quality and we have converted it into an obsession for which we have spent close to 3 years perfecting the shoemaking art - what sets Tan & Taw's shoes apart from the rest is that one shoe undergoes numerous steps to get the accurate fit, stability, and finesse. A team of experienced craftsmen works to prepare each new collection for Tan & Taw. Each style takes more than one month to design and manufacture.


How has the Indian footwear market changed over the past few years?


With the average per capita income of the country foreseen to continue growing in the coming years, the middle-class will grow more elaborate and diversified; with diverse levels of income groups, the luxury end of the Indian fashion confederates market is anticipated to flourish at a higher rate than other segments as the thriving consumer group will frequently consider fashion confederates as a means to reaffirm its identity and to define itself from the masses.

However, the challenges persist in the share and penetration of corporatized retail, more trustworthy quality, and more fashionable designs available to the buyers; however, these challenges will be addressed with expansion and enhanced corporatization.


Why does India need a brand like Tan & Taw? Kindly highlight your growth plans?


The Tan & Taw brand addresses the style needs of the modern Indian man, who wants to trod the middle ground between traditional brogues/oxfords and trainers and walk a different beat.

The brand is focused and has undergone a rigorous consumer research process to fine-tune the designs, offerings and establish the quality standards benchmarked against the top global premium brands.


The Tan & Taw provides a new, more versatile, comfortable classic walking rhythm with deconstructed styles and softer finishes with a thick padded insole which delivers a softer foot strike to the ground devoid of any uneasiness.


The brand is in the process of creating its very first experience brand store. Buyers no more come to your store just because you are in a marketplace. "We want to create a place where true shoe enthusiasts feel vital."

They'll soon launch their flagship store in Uttrakhand, they responded.





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