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RSM bringing Revolution in the Music Learning Industry

09 Dec 2021.9:04 PM

Rohan School of Music or famously known as RSM in the world of music. RSM is an online music institute that aims to redefine online music teaching and learning. RSM believes in providing premium quality service and focuses on personal attention, RSM provides one-on-one sessions to the students. The faculty has years of experience, knowledge, and skill in performance and music theory. It allows the learner to expand their horizons of learning.

RSM was started by Rohan. Rohan hails from a family of musicians and is himself a professional piano artist, music teacher, and is also into music production.

He was passionate about music and with over 10 years of experience in the field of music. Rohan says, “Music Can Change Lives for The Better.” Rohan recalls his mentor Mr. Jyotiska Dasgupta, who is the Manager of Eastern India at Trinity College London. It was under him he completed Trinity Certification in Piano, Electronic Keyboard, and Theory of Music with distinction. He is very active in this field and also has been actively mentoring students. He has got recognized by several artists globally and has performed in numerous concerts.

Rohan School of Music offers a variety of courses in western classical music catering to different proficiency levels and preferences. RSM takes inspiration from various renowned celebrities and professional courses like Alfred’s, Leila Fletcher, John Thompson, etc. for the piano and Suzuki, Eta Cohen’s, etc. for the violin and blended them. RSM in the initial phase took a lot of motivation from the feedbacks that were provided to them by the learners. Rohan and the team learned that no perfect course exists which can accommodate every student hence, they worked upon this idea and came up with innovative infrastructure that maximized learning and simulated an actual in-person session for the training.

RSM takes care of every music need based on your age, interest, aspirations, and learning pace. One can get customized learning courses. RSM also prepares students for the graded music examination conducted by Trinity and the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Music is a dynamic and evolving industry, RSM provides customized learning methods, innovative setups, and modern methodology of teaching are used by RSM. RSM also provides a music education consultancy service to assess each student personally which allows them to learn and know more. The team at RSM is well defined and they firmly believe “It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.” RSM also promises that the journey with us will yield a positive result of mastering the instrument as well as enrichment of your musical knowledge and passion.

RSM makes sure that music is not limited to any age and gender. It is universal from a child to CEO of established businesses can take music lessons. RSM Team says, “It is a fact that 75% of Silicon Valley CEOs took music lessons as a child, and adults who play the piano are less likely to experience anxiety, loneliness or depression.” The team of experts at RSM is always ready to help you with anything and everything. It does require any experience to learn music and RSM helps you with your journey from a beginner to an advanced level.  RSM Team says, “The youngest student that we handled was 5 years old and the oldest one was in his 50’s when he started learning the piano.”


People from across the globe are taught at RSM online, and the professionals at RSM give one-on-one attention to every student. Irrespective of where they belong to what their age is. It is the passion for music that connects everyone at RSM. Thousands of students have learned and over a hundred students have performed virtual live concerts worldwide. RSM is building a community of people who are passionate about music. They also hold virtual concerts, interactive talks, and workshops.  But as the RSM is active globally the issue of managing time zones remains a significant problem but with time the team is coming up with solutions to solve this issue as well.

RSM has redefined the music industry, the innovative approach of RSM has helped students develop their sense of music and passion. One-on-one sessions have proved to be extremely beneficial to students with the help of a multi-camera setup and hi-tech audio streaming to help the students to learn. Apart from personalized live lectures based on music proficiency level, recorded lectures are also provided to the students. RSM used Cruspo's digital content platform to launch and grow their music school completely online. Since RSM is operating, RSM has built a community of satisfied learners. It has become the most preferred online learning platform due to the merit services of RSM and Rohan, founder of RSM is currently working on Piano Mantra: World’s First Bollywood Music Focused Piano Course and Master the Art of Playing Bollywood Covers in Western Staff Notation that will be available on various online leading platforms like Udemy.

You can learn more about RSM via the following links and connect to them:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/staytunedwithrsm


Website: https://rohanschoolofmusic.com/


YouTube: https://youtu.be/l2p1UnuTbp8

Superprof Profile: https://www.superprof.co.in/dashboard.html/my-listings/listing/8269699



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