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How is your day : 11th September

Aries : Artistic people decide to be more flamboyant when it comes to showing off their lovely pieces, sales and money in plenty. In personal life, your instincts and your heart are in conflict today about many an issue.
Taurus : You are happy in your current job, although you are ready to spread your wings and try out different avenues go easy, success is about making money the by-product of what you enjoy and never a means to an end.

Gemini : Health improves, if employed; an early start is indicated as sudden travel plans for business cum pleasure. Those in love have many a minor tiff with their mate. An early resolution is advisable

Cancer : Busy with domestic matters you may have to cancel prior made plans with associates. A temporary phase! Disappointments are plenty and yet you try to get it all going. Your sincerity calls for the best to happen.

Leo : If single romance blossoms and sharing a cozy day at your favorite spot is indicated. People you least expect will help you in your journey through trying times, be grateful today!

Virgo : Long meaningless relationships end and you feel at a loose end. Remember, all well that ends well. Things look up very soon.

Libra : Innovative ideas at work fare well and you are in the limelight as you get the response you expect and are happy to widen your horizons. Build on personal goodwill and you will reap rich dividends. If single.

Scorpio : Progress at work is commendable today. If employed, a wage hike comes with a promotion. Those in business partnerships are tired of the routine. Plan on doing something exciting with a close pal.

Sagittarius : Business people do well and may be working towards expansion. Import/ export business is booming. Success is yours for the taking. Take the necessary risks if you desire.

Capricorn : Hope is good, but sensible action and perfect timing needs to be looked at when seeking what you so desire. Saving money is important. Plan wise investments.

Aquarius : Staying grounded could also mean doing exactly as you please and enjoying your own defined space and pace both at work and in your personal life.

Pisces: Many happy moments in a lucrative day at work where your contribution makes all the difference. Keep it up. Later this evening.
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