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KIMS Kurnool Doctors save a boy from a fatal situation who was suffering from Dengue

Kurnool, January 12, 2021: A boy, who was suffering from severe dengue and liver failure was saved by the doctors of Kurnool KIMS hospital. A 2-year-old boy from Nandyal had a severe fever for five days and was vomiting for two days. His parents took him to KIMS hospital. He was unconscious. So, doctors tested him immediately. Generally, with dengue symptoms, shock usually happens because of fluid loss from blood vessels. His blood tests showed decreased hemoglobin, platelet count, increased liver enzymes, deranged coagulation, dengue NS1 antigen positive all suggestive of severe liver dysfunction because of dengue.

Doctors explained his condition to be fatal because of dengue and told his parents about the cost of treatment. Parents told that they cannot bear the cost. Understanding their situation, the child was admitted under arogyasree in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and managed. During the stay, he was managed successfully in PICU under the guidance of Dr. Ravi Kiran and Dr. Vasu Burli pediatric intensivists, their team, and trained nursing staff. The child required blood products, albumin infusions high flow nasal cannula, and ascitic fluid tap. He also developed a secondary infection, falling blood pressure, requiring ventilator support for 5 days, and medicines to increase blood pressure and central vein access. He was discharged only after getting cured completely and is observed to be of sound health.

Speaking on this, Dr. Vasu Burli said, "We wanted to convey that this facility was previously available in private hospitals at other places which usually is very costly but for this baby, everything was done free under arogyasree and baby discharged with good health."

The baby's parents said, "We couldn't think of any good happening with our baby. When we brought him to the hospital, everyone attended to him with utmost care. This is very overwhelming for us. We didn't expect such good doctors in a private hospital like KIMS. As soon as we told about our economic condition, doctors started treatment and saved our baby." They also added that the doctors working in PICU and nurses are very kind and that they are very thankful to the hospital.

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