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Greatest Prison Break Ideas from Real Life


Remember your awestruck expression when Andy Dufresne finally escaped from jail in the movie The Shawshank Redemption? Or how eagerly you gobbled each season of the TV series Prison Break? Today we are here to serve you with some of the strangest real-life prison escapes. While some of them are excellent showmanship of brilliance, others will make you laugh.

Each of the stories is interesting and enthralling. Why? A boring prison break story is a myth! Get ready to know how these prisoners kicked authority's rear end.

The food slot escape

If you are an action film lover, then you must have noticed the tiny food slots in every jail gate? Imagine fitting yourself into that space. Seems impossible? Not for Choi Gap-bok, a yoga master in Korea.

Throughout his life, he was in an out of jail. In the way, he picked up yoga. He used his body flexibility to escape from jail at the age of 50. He lubed himself with the special 'skin ointment' he asked from the guards and escaped at night when everyone was sleeping. This guy did what still seems absolutely impossible. He wanted to prove his innocence and escaped.

The cinematic escape

Just like a story from the big screen, Pascal Payet, a French criminal, highjacked a helicopter to escape. Wait for the best part. He did it twice. He was kept in a high-security prison in France. This legend used a helicopter hijacked by four masked men. Not only that, but he also helped three others to escape.

The Maze Breakout

Often the prison breaks are done quietly with careful planning. This story is just the opposite. Filled with drama and action, 38 prisoners escaped from one of the most secure prisons in Europe.


The prisoners started a mutiny and attacked the guards with smuggled guns. Ultimately they escaped using a food delivery van.

The escape for freedom

You may love or hate the other prison break stories, but this one will surely inspire you. This is the story of Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist, humanitarian, and an armed scout and spy for the United States Army during the American Civil War who was a slave. To gain her right to freedom, she trekked from Maryland to Canada, a path over 500 miles. She also helped 300 others to escape.

The serial escaper

Guess how many times he escaped from prison? Thrice! This story is of Alfred Hinds, a British criminal, who sneaked through the locked doors and climbed over 20 ft wall to escape from Nottingham prison. The second time he added the factor of drama by escaping from the court while pretending to go to the toilet. His third escape was from Chelmsford Prison. The interesting fact is that he kept on sending memorandums to British MPs pleading his innocence.

The airplane escape

Armando Ramirez was not fleeing from any prison but a country of unrest - Cuba. To escape his country he ran towards a flight going to Madrid and climbed over the wheels. He endured low oxygen and air pressure for 8 hours before finally landing.

Escape in disguise

Frank Abagnale, an American security consultant, is not only renowned as a conman but also as the one who escaped by convincing the guards that he is an inspector. Impersonating and bank frauds were his areas of expertise. He executed them in the most unimaginable ways. When convicted he was sentenced to 12 years but he saw his opportunity when the detention papers git delayed. He convinced the guards that his papers are missing because he is an undercover police. That immediately gave him better food and privileges. He played his masterstroke when his friend doctored the business card of an FBI agent and delivered the same to him in prison. He used that card to convince being an undercover agent who needs to speak to the FBI. The friend posed as the agent over the phone and asked Frank to meet her outside the detention centre. The guards were more than happy to let him go and laughed at their cleverness of not getting fooled by an FBI agent. The prisoner walked right out while the guards were enjoying their 'success'.

The violent escape

Though the path of escape is paved with blood, it is something that you will support with all your heart. Why? It's the story of escape from the Nazi camp. Leon Feldhendler along with a Jew Russian POW Alexander "Sasha" Pechersky, decided they need to fight for their freedom before getting pushed into the chamber of death. They started making weapons in the prison workshop. With those, they started killing the SS officers who scheduled their visits to workshops. They also killed those guards who got suspicious. Ultimately they lead their revolt to kill the guards and escape. Out of 600 prisoners, about 300 escaped. Among which 100 were recaptured and send back. However, 70 survived the war. It took endless courage to orchestrate such a huge escape from the mass murderers called Nazis.

The grand escape

Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman found his way out of Mexico's most secure prison. He escaped by building a sophisticated tunnel. It started from his cell to a nearby construction site. This is one of such escapes that baffled the federal police to the highest level.

The 'sweet' escape

He drugged the guards by distributing sweets during his birthday party. Who is he? Infamous serial killer Charles Sobhraj! His way of killing was by drugging his victims. He used the same to walk free from one of the secured jails in India.

The Texas Seven

Seven inmates of John Connally Unit in Texas carried out one of the most elaborate and successful prison breaks of all time. The convicts overpowered nine civilian prison workers and then walked out wearing their attire. They also stole their identity and credit cards. Eventually, they marched towards their freedom on the prison maintenance pick-up truck.

The Turkish prison break

An American student Billy Hayes got 30 years of prison sentence in Turkey for smuggling two pounds of hash. After 5 years, he was transferred to a minimum security prison where he planned his escape. He stayed hidden in a concrete bin and stole a small fishing vassal from the nearby harbor. With that tiny vessel, he went to Greece and eventually entered the United States.

The air-vent escape

Alcatraz is one of the maximum security facilities that even the seasoned convicts fear. However, Morris and the Alvin brothers found a way to infiltrate the tight security and escape. These three reached the roof vent after burrowing through their cell. Then climbed down the drain pipe and escaped.

The Great Escape

This daring act of escape was during the prime of WWII. Roger Bushell led a group of prisoners to escape from German Air Force prisoner-of-war camp. They dug three tunnels very carefully. They were very small and only one was completed. In 1944, 200 men tried to escape through that tunnel but realized it was too small. They were spotted by the guards and then got caught in an air raid. Many were captured, killed, or sent back. Only 3 became successful in escaping.

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