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10 Quotes by Author Ravinder Singh about Love and Unfulfilled Promises

LOVE, seems promising in the beginning and later pushes you into making unending promises! Yeah, that's the truth. It is an inevitable and a necessary evil that all of us secretly desire. While we can feel you, Ravinder Singh, who is a best-selling author, has penned some amazing books on love. The first one being, 'I Too Had A Love Story', succeeded by 'Can Love Happen Twice?', 'Like it happened Yesterday', 'Your Dreams are Mine Now', among others.

His words are drenched in emotions, passion and everything that love brings with itself.

"Some goodbyes require us to express ourselves."

It is these intriguing and encouraging words by Ravinder that have attracted the youth of the country.

Have a closer look at his words, that will surely spell magic for you.

Shoo away the silences with words of LOVE...
Also, never make the mistake of running into the past, however tempting it may be.
Reality, put into brutally honest words.
It is shattering. Nothing breaks a person more than this.
Atleast, you should listen to your heart when everyone else ignores it.
Such is the power of dreams, there's no underestimating them.
Gosh! These magical words are bound to heal a heart.
Yes, love never dies...
It never dies, but it is hard to hold on to, for it is not an easy stay.
That was her way of inducing self-love?
Can love be defined more tacitly?

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