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Ever Wondered Why Subhash Chandra Bose's Marriage Was A Secret Ceremony?

Netaji's story devulged.

The most charismatic and dynamic leader of Indian history kept the most crucial information of his life under the covers. Ever wondered why? We always tend to hit our search engines with questions and information about him that relates to his profession, but we never took out time to find reasons about why his personal life was a big secret especially his marriage.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose happens to be one of the greatest freedom fighters who gave his blood and sweat to some revolutionary movements. Not only this, but he also inspired a lot of young minds with his words of wisdom. He started his own newspaper Swaraj, and it was a huge success in spreading news and awareness about the freedom struggle.

Last year, the Indian Prime Minister unveiled 100 declassified documents on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and here are some revelations that were cleared from those files about his personal life.

The story started with Netaji's stay in Bad Gastein, Austria, after surgery in 1933. That's how his unfortunate injury leads to the most beautiful thing that anyone can ever experience in life and, i.e. 'LOVE'.

Bose met Emilie Schenkl (his love of life) via a common friend Dr Mathur, an Indian physician living in Vienna. Since Schenkl could take shorthand and her English and typing skills were good, she was hired by Bose, for writing his book, The Indian Struggle.


Emilie was born in an Austrian Catholic family in Vienna. As we already mentioned in the previous slide that Schenkl was introduced to Netaji by a mutual friend and they eventually married secretively in 1937. Despite getting married Schenkl never visited India.


After the wedding, Bose came back to India and had reappeared in Nazi Germany during April 1941 - February 1943. According to rumored news, the couple moved in together in Germany.

Netaji's family had no idea that he had married an Austrian lady and had a child named Anita before Emilia wrote a letter to Sarat Chandra Bose (brother of Subhash Chandra Bose)


Netaji met the German leader Adolf Hitler to seek his support for India's Independence as Germany was fighting American-British allies.


An intelligence report stated that Netaji's marriage took place in 1942 and not 1937. Furthermore, it was reported by DNA India that while applying for Visa to China Netaji wrote 'single' as his marital status.

During all his public appearances, Netaji always made statements to mislead his opposition. His wife was a citizen of Austria that was under the clutches of the German empire. Any man would have been smart enough not to reveal such information and Netaji was no exception. It is believed that he always denied about having a family to protect his wife and daughter from the hardships that he faced as a freedom fighter and Indian citizen.

Even though the Indian government doesn't have any valid pieces of evidence to prove this fact, it is crystal clear that any family man would have done what Netaji did to assure the safety and prosperous life for his family.

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