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Guatemala's Fuego Volcano Eruption Depicted in These Catastrophic Pictures

The Fuego Volcano, about 25 miles (40 Kms) from Guatemala City in Central America, has been blowing rocks, black smoke, and ashes into the sky.

The disaster management agencies report that a river of lava has hit the village of El Rodeo that has caused quite some casualties, leaving people burned inside their house.

Airport services to the city are closed, and President Jimmy Morales addressed the town that an emergency response has been launched. Morales also added - "We think that there could be a state of devastation in at least three areas."

Sources report, it is the biggest eruption since 1974. Now, the pictures coming from Guatemala are catastrophic.

Have a look!

Here are some pictures taken from a drone.

On Sunday, a drone took a flight above El Rodeo village in the foothills of the Fuego volcano. It captured the catastrophic trail caused by 5 miles of the lava flow.

Dozens of people are missing, and mostly probably killed in the aftermath.

Nearly 300 people are said to be injured, while more than 3000 residents are abandoning the place.

Around 25 people are expected to be killed as their houses turned into ashes.

Rescue operations have already started.

Rescue operations are already underway in the community of Los Lotes, as emergency services struggle to deal with the aftermath of the Fuego volcanic eruption, reports Ruptly.

How it all started?

Fuego Volcano - which means 'fire volcano' in Spanish - blew a stream of lava and soon a massive cloud of black smoke and ash started to ooze onto the capital Guatemala City, that is located at a distance of about 40 KM (25 miles).

Statement from Conred - [The National Coordination for Disaster Reduction of Guatemala] states:

"Unfortunately El Rodeo was buried, and we haven't been able to reach the La Libertad village because of the lava, and maybe some people died there too," reports BBC.

A video going viral on the internet.

A video of a woman covered in ashes, who most probably lost her family to this eruption, is getting many shares on the internet. In the video, she is heard saying that lava had poured through corn fields and more people may have died.

Dead bodies are floating above the lava...

As rescuers risk their lives to save every single individual possible, it's a tough situation there.

Guatemalan government figures show that 1.7 million lives are affected.

People near the sites are asked to wear a mask and cover their faces to save themselves from the ashes.

The Guatemalan army is also active near the affected area.

Army assistance reached on time for Guatemalan people, as they also clear the ash from La Aurora airport's runway.

More pictures published by local media.

The local media of Guatemala has done a commendable job of reporting the emergency situation on time so that more help could reach when it matters the most. Soon, social media flooded with posts about Guatemala.

The videos coming from the ground are unthinkable.

The short clips emerging across all social media platforms show us the monstrous avatar of Fuego Volcano.

Many are defining the incident as "chaotic mixture of rock fragments, gas and ash."

Let's pray and hope for a better tomorrow in Guatemala.

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