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Reason Why This Startup Has Been Built To Save Lives Is Heart-Rending

In the era of startups, where everybody has been following a fashion of doing something new, Kiran Verma resorted to saving hundreds of lives instead of earning hundreds of dollars.

The idea didn't strike his mind as one big goal to move towards a huge profit-making platform, but his reason and story of commencing a startup is entirely different from what you have known till now.

The founder never thought of creating Simply Blood which is the World's First Virtual Blood Donation Platform. The establishment of this startup can be traced back to the year 1992 when he lost his mother due to cancer. Although the reason of her death had nothing to do wth blood, but this incident directed him to take a pledge to save as many lives as possible by whatever means.

Since Kiran came across the pain of losing someone at an early age of seven, he was desperately thinking of doing something for mankind.

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In the year 2003, just after Kiran turned 18, he met Dr. Shashi from Red Cross India who inspired him to donate blood. This was the climacteric start of his life post which Dr. Shashi encouraged him to organize blood donation camps at various educational institutes.

But since he had to dedicate a majority of time to his eight-hour job, he could not maintain a balance with the regularity of organizing blood donation camps. Still, his will kept him in touch with the good deed he wanted to do and subsequently, he continued donating blood as volunteer blood donor.

Kiran then used to donate blood four times in a year on specific dates to make sure that he gets his turn. His contribution to blood donation wasn't simple and effortless since he used to go to the government hospitals to find poor people who didn't know anyone in Delhi and were in need of blood.

This kind of approach worked really well as many people across Delhi started recognizing Kiran at Blood Banks. As a part of the PR exercise for the Startup, he began developing a network to get contact details of volunteer blood donors, which he carried out for nine long years.

Since he was craving hard to be instrumental in saving lives through donation, he was not ready to give it up because of his job.

Therefore, in the year 2014, Kirav came up with connecting blood donors through WhatsApp, building the web across Delhi and helping 1-2 people a week.

It was in August 2016, when one of his group members' mother was hospitalized in Rewari (a small town near Delhi) due to dengue and needed blood. Kirav assumed that he would be able to cover the distance to the hospital in time to donate his own platelets.

Ill-fated, he didn't inform the group members who were very close to the hospital and could have reached in time to donate the blood. Dolefully, until he reached, everything was gone.

He could feel the pain, he was saddened, and that was the day when he realized the importance of time in critical medical cases.

This lesson incited him to start his Facebook Page under the name 'Simply Blood' and purchase the domain.

Since Kiran was working with an education group, he was unable to give time to do something for the platform. One day, he received a random call from a person who was in need for blood in Delhi.

Eventually, he went to the blood bank where a person escorted him to the respective room. He left the room after donating, but while returning, he thought for meeting the patient and see how was he doing. On failure of being able to meet the patient, he met his wife who then disclosed that the blood which he donated for free was charged for Rs. 1500 from the lady. He called the responsible person, but there wasn't any revert. Which made him realize that the person was a tout and was trading blood in a black market.

He was extremely broken upon learning that the lady had to sell herself in her hometown to get her husband treated. Kiran was so disheartened that he had quit his job the same day and give his 100% to this cause.

All this channeled him to developing his blood donation app named Simply Blood which was launched on 29 January 2017. For which he thanks TechCruzers who have committed to providing the technical support for next few years.

Not just that, their benefaction does not end there. The team is working on making the app of Simply Blood as the world's smartest blood donation platform some day. And the target with which they started, i.e., of providing blood to 100 people with the help of their platform was successfully achieved within six weeks.

A user needs to register as a blood donor after downloading the app. He can choose any date to donate blood. The app will track user's location on the selected date and will share all the requests within 10kms from user's location. So, even if the user is traveling to the other location, Simply Blood will notify only the nearest possible needy on selected date by the user.

With the help of this app, who so ever is in need can find blood. Within three clicks, a person will raise the request, and the notification goes to all the potential donors available on that date and location.

The problem for Donor- If you're willingly donating blood to someone, then you also deserve to know the name of the patient whose life you've saved. Mostly the activity of blood donation is carried out by the blood donation camps which are organized by Hospitals, NGOs, and Societies and the donor remains unaware about who is getting his/her blood.

Not just this, there stays another worry in the process. Many times, the blood that is DONATED for a noble cause is sold out at a price which may even range from Rs. 1500 to 50K, depending upon the rarity of blood.

The problem for Needy- Someone who is in need of blood,his/herthe family members have to go through a prolonged process of either getting it arranged or purchasing it. Sadly, the drawn-out process sometimes fails to save lives.

But, on the other hand, Simply Blood is a single solution to these issues, having a database of 60K+ blood donors across India and more than 2000 registered donors on the platform. It helps to find a donor within the location of the request and connect them to the needy person and also to donate blood without any middle man.

The team which was connected and built through the WhatsApp group saved 13 potential lives in the year 2016 during the period from August to December.

The start of this year was also remarkable since 100+ lives have been saved till date.

1) Organically, the app has reached 50+ nations within just eight weeks.

2) The app has been taken into usage by 2000+ people in more than 20 countries.

3) The app has become one of the highest rated Android apps for Blood Donation on Google Play Store (receiving 4.9 rating from 150+ users).

4) There are 100+ students in the SimplyBlood Ambassador Program (SAP).

They are thinking to go to Wikipedia where they do fundraising every year.

The hard work of the founder who is a school dropout and a native of Delhi is paying off. He sold posters on the roadside, worked for a packaging company and has also worked as a freelance reporter before joining a US Publishing firm and Heading corporate communication with Galgotias University.

About his startup, what he says, "If we consider us a start-up, then we've paid the highest price to built this start-up, and in terms of ROI, our success is priceless!"

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