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Six Indian Female Politicians Who Aged Like A Fine Wine

Women are born to rock!

"Nothing is permanent in life coz change is the rule of nature."

As a person grows, the change in his physical appearance also evolves. From being a teen to an adult and finally an old aged, each one of us goes through all these phases in life. But to maintain your charm and persona despite increasing age is something that makes you really special and stand out from the crowd.

We have a list of well-known female personalities who aged like a fine wine. For them, age was just a figure which they always kept directly proportional with their charisma. These women politicians have proved their mettle by changing the dynamics of the world's largest democracy.

Sonia Gandhi was born in Italy and later became the part of Gandhi family, India's one of the biggest political families. See how beautiful she looked in young age.

You don't know about the biggest secret of Sonia Ji's life. Move forward to know about it.

Yes, you read that right. Pic above shows Sonia with her husband Late Rajiv Gandhi and their children Rahul and Priyanka.

Her journey from a waitress to the president of the oldest Indian political party (Congress) is incredible.

See how charming Kirron looked in her youth. Kirron Kher is a well-known theatre and film actress. She made her acting debut in 1983, but took an interval for years before entering in politics.

Kirron is a renowned politician too. She is the Member of Parliament from Chandigarh (BJP).

Look at her old picture where she is looking such amazingly and gracefully confident.
Her political party Trinamool Congress supremo is ruling West Bengal since 2011 and is still irreplaceable.

She is undoubtedly one of the most impactful and powerful women, the country has ever had.

Bollywood's 'Dream Girl', Hema Malini ruled the industry for more than two decades and is still the dream girl of Indian Cinema.

Picture in the next slide shows that Hema Malini is still the most beautiful lady of tinsel town.

She now is a political leader too. She is a Member of Parliament from Mathura.

The politician in the next slide looked damn charming in her youth. She too belongs to Gandhi family.

She is taking the legacy of Gandhi family forward with her brother, Rahul Gandhi. See how extremely pretty Priyanka looked on her D-Day.

Though she has not made direct involvement, but she actively participates in the campaigns and road shows at the time of elections.

Political leader in the next slide was once the most successful actress of Indian Television.

Last, but not the least, Smriti Irani. The veteran actor of Indian television won

the hearts of audience and became an integral part of each family as Tulsi.

Today, she is a leading politician and also a part of the cabinet in Modi's regime.
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