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The Undiscovered Side of Indian Michael Jackson Prabhu Deva

Do you know his real name?

Indian Michael Jackson Prabhu Deva is a household name in Andhra Pradesh and now in Bollywood too. He has been enthralling his people for over two decades now and we all love him, all thanks to his innocence and his dance moves.

The dancer who also loves to act keeps his life shrouded in secrecy and is often called shy but there is a different side to Deva when he appears for interviews. From making fun of his own Hindi, giving savage answers or portraying his undiscovered intellect, we have some things to share that you might not know about him.

How did Wanted happen to Prabhu Deva?

In an interview with Komal Nahata, Prabhu Deva said, "I know Boney sir from past many years, there was a connection. He is like my elder brother, so he told me that you are supposed to do a film. I don't know which film but you must do a Hindi film, so when he saw Wanted's Tamil version he said we should do this film in Hindi."

When Prabhu Deva gave a vote of thanks in English.

Deva is unacquainted with the language and doesn't prefer it much, but when he was asked to give a vote of thanks at the Chennai Tennis League he made it a point that it is his best and he also started his speech with "First time vote of thanks, in English, please support me."

When he finished his speech he ended it with conviction and humour by saying that he finally made it.

His real name is not Prabhu Deva.

This humble dancer-turned-director-turned-actor's real name was Shankupani when he was born. He gave up his birth name and adopted a new name to earn love and support on the screen. Prabhu made his near and dear ones forget his old name with his hard work. People literally preached his new name so much that he needs no introduction today.

Despite suffering from chronic health problems, Prabhu Deva dances it all out.

Often times dancers injure themselves while performing. For Prabhu sir it is neck, but the choreographer makes it a point that he doesn't put much stress on his neck.

A chance debut and chance direction.

Deva started choreographing in his teen years. Whenever his father Mugur Sundar (a south Indian film choreographer) was loaded with work he would ask Prabhu to go and choreograph on his behalf. Out of respect towards his father, people allowed him to choreograph in films and that's when he proved his worth.

He gets anxious before he choreographs a song.

Prabhu Deva in an interview before the release of his film Abhinetri was asked what gives him more satisfaction, the superstar said, "Undoubtedly choreography. Even till date, I am very excited about my songs. The night before the shoot of any song, I get quite anxious and this eagerness has kept me going even now."

He is a dotting father.

When he was asked how is his personal life, he said, "Currently, both my sons are my priority. Funnily, they hate dancing and films and are busy studying. Giving them a better life is my ultimate goal now."

Prabhu Deva believes that he never had his life planned.

He told news agency IANS,"I was choreographing a song for Telugu film, 'Varsham' when producer MS Raju asked me if I'd like to direct a film for him. I said 'yes' in just five seconds. Likewise, when my close friend Ganesh suggested he would start a production company under my name, I gladly supported him."

Prabhu Deva's dance academy in Singapore.

Prabhu Deva started his own dance academy in Singapore. Years ago, he didn't know how to proceed further with it and even then he established it in 2009. The superstar is very committed towards dance but now he is focusing more on direction and production.
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