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Disha Patani Loved TV Star Parth Samthaan But Had An Ugly Breakup Because Of This Person

Not many people are aware that before making it big in the industry and dating Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani was madly in love with Parth Samthaan. Yes, the same Parth who we love as Anurag Basu in Kasauti Zindagi Kay. According to close sources, Disha and Parth dated for many years before things went kaput between them. While most people don't know the reason behind the Breakup, this person is considered why they called it quits.

As per the online buzz, Disha Patani found out that Parth Samthaan was two-timing, he cheated on Disha not once but twice. His closeness to Vikas Gupta was also reported to develop a rift between Disha and him. Contrary to the reports, Vikas Gupta rubbished Parth's accusations. In an interview with Telly Chakkar, he said, "Parth used my fame and stronghold in the industry to make a mark and gain popularity. I am not sure exactly why but it looks like from the latest turn of events he has been trying to extort money, gain publicity and threatening me to get rid of the past. He and his legal consultants thought I would be easy bait. They thought I will never come out in open. Had I molested Parth on December then why did he go partying with me later that month? Would you party with a molester? He is a liar."

During the same phase, Vikas Gupta had reportedly shared an intimate picture of Parth pecking a kiss on his cheeks. Reacting to the same, Parth was quoted saying, "I have no idea. Why would he even do something which could jeopardize mine and his career, goes beyond my understanding. He leaks out something, the media calls me. Tomorrow I leak out something, the media will call him. How long will this continue? I am of tired of it now."

Soon after, the actor confessed to being straight and revealed that's he is looking for a ladylove. Well, then came the rumours of him dating co-star Erica Fernandes and the rest, as they say, is history.

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