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  • Career Growth

    Be The Change You Seek And 4 Other Lessons That Helped Me Transform My Career

    Throughout my career, I have had several learning experiences. However, these 5 lessons truly and totally helped me transform my career. All of us have certain incidents in our professional lives that leave a deep impact on us and shape our outlook and style. As I reflect and introspect, here are a few stories and memories that moulded me into who I am today.

    • 7 days ago
  • Career Growth

    Looking For A Supportive Network? Find Your Cheerleaders at Women Only Communities!

    Contrary to the popular belief, women can be women's biggest supporters. Read on to know how online women’s communities can change your life! The impact of women-only networks across the world is a growing phenomenon. Women, who have always been excluded from workplaces, social spaces, and business networks, have taken the initiative.

    • 3 weeks ago
  • Career Growth

    3 Ways New-Age Teachers Can Master The E-Teaching Process As E-Learning Becomes The New Normal

    With e-learning becoming the new normal, here are three tips and tricks for new-age educators and teachers to master this new form of teaching. The Pandemic has caught the mankind unawares in 2020 and has put all of us into a catch 22 situation. Life has adapted itself into the new 'normal' from now on.

    • a month ago
  • Career Growth

    My To-Do List, Bucket List And 3 Other Lists That Help Me Conquer Everyday Life!

    Making lists gives me clarity on what I’m up for and helps me bring order from a world of chaos. Here are 5 of my lists that I can’t imagine life without. My life changed for the better ever since I started maintaining lists for different aspects of my life. Making lists gives me clarity on what I’m up for and helps me bring order from a world of chaos. It...

    • 2 months ago
  • Career Growth

    How And Why A Post-COVID World Will Dramatically Reshape Women's Roles In Workplaces

    We are in a time of great adversity, yet therein lies great opportunity. Can women capitalise on it and reshape the world into a gender balanced workforce? Which was the first country to officially come out of the pandemic among the developing world? New Zealand. Which was the country that consistently maintained a lower fatality rate than the global average for...

    • 2 months ago