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    How I Began Earning Well As An Aspiring Writer: Learning + Tips + Resources

    For aspiring writers, earning well enough while creating sufficient time for writing, is always a challenge. Kasturi Patra shares what has worked for her. I had left my job three years back to write full time. I have been writing full time since then. By writing full time, I don't mean that I was only writing novels or stories; I also enrolled into an online MFA...

    • yesterday
  • Career Growth

    Why Social Media Is A Great Tool To Help Women Entrepreneurs Grow!

    With its inclusivity and incredible opportunities, social media is helping put women entrepreneurs on the map. Let me tell you how. Over the last decade, there has been a seismic shift in how people do business. A fair amount of this can be attributed to the advent of social media and its impact across industries.

    • 2 weeks ago
  • Career Growth

    Writing Your First Resume? Here Are 5 Tips To Make It Perfect!

    Stressed about writing your first resume? Not to fear for here are 5 tried and tested tips that will make your resume outshine others! Your first resume will most likely be the hardest resume you’ll write in your life. This is your entry point into the workforce. However, writing a resume without little or no work experience can be very tough.

    • 2 weeks ago
  • Career Growth

    Returning To Work After A 2-Year Break Wasn't Easy But This Is How I Did It!

    I chose to go against the tide, secretly hoping that someday I would change the narrative with my own 'story of return.' Here’s how I did it! Most of us will remember 2020 as the year of the pandemic and the impact it created. But I will remember it for a very important milestone in my life.

    • 4 weeks ago
  • Career Growth

    Your Handy Guide To Writing A Great Resume As A Fresher!

    As a fresher, looking to enter the workforce, writing an impressive resume is the first step. And this guide will help you do just that! Before you get an opportunity to meet a potential employer and create the desired first impression, your resume gets there to either make or break the deal.

    • a month ago
  • Career Growth

    Writing A Book Is Somewhat Like Making Love - Baring Yourself Despite Anxiety

    I began writing when I wanted to speak, and there was no one else to listen. So I began to write and talk to myself, and listened to my own voice, and then, I began to tell my story. "How do we write our first novel?" Someone asked me the other day. My answer was: "Mindlessly, fearlessly, and shamelessly." I left the young woman feeling even more...

    • 2 months ago