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Indians look to homegrown Curly Hair Expert, XO Curls

01 Dec 2022.2:37 PM

There is no single Indian look. Across the length and breadth of this vast subcontinent, Indians come in all shades of complexions, shapes, and hair types. 
Absolutely straight hair is not native to large parts of India – curly and wavy hair of various types abound in their springy, irrepressible wonder. Yet, hair care catering to them is still at a very nascent stage. 
Fed up with not being able to find the right hair products for her wavy/curly/mostly moody hair, founder Tanya Bhat decided she was going to find out how to have a good hair day, every day. Curious and conscientious by nature, she started learning everything she could about hair.

She realised that so many things mattered – how well we know our hair at different life stages, the ingredients that go into each product, techniques to get each hair type looking its best, and so much more. What’s more, the grooming, maintenance, and protection of curly hair is completely different from that of straight hair – something few knew, talked about, or even made specific products for - till now. 
Tanya created a brand specifically for curly-haired people of all ages, genders, and curl types - XO Curls. A serial entrepreneur since 2004, Tanya’s professional roots lie in advertising and marketing – where she learned the art of predicting consumer behaviour. As a fashion consultant and stylist, she realised that most consumers make do with what is available but will instantly become loyalists for a brand that truly meets their needs. 
Born out of love for curly hair, nature, and self-care, XO Curls was launched with the XO Curls Shower Detangling Comb – a truly unique comb that is different from anything else in the market. This patented comb has wavy teeth of alternating lengths to allow gentle combing of wet curls. Inspired by the Curly Girl Method, the comb is meant to be used in the shower on wet hair and comes with a handy hook for hanging. Its textured surface (to prevent slipping despite oil or conditioner) make it functional and essential for curly care. This XO Curls flagship product was met with much love and acclaim from influencers and users, garnering 1200+ reviews on Amazon, and a 4.5 (out of 5) star rating. 
Now available in four colours, the comb is joined by the XO Curls Flax Seed Heat cap for deep conditioning and the XO Curls Cold-pressed 100% Pure Argan Oil, imported from Morocco with no preservatives, fragrances, or additives. Available on Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and www.xocurls.in, XO Curls aims to launch a whole line of hair care products, masks, treatments, and more for discerning wavy and curly-haired people.
No matter the product, the company’s focus remains on all natural ingredients, no animal testing, minimal waste packaging, environmental consciousness, and a customer-first approach. XO Curls aims to eventually be a personal care company with a complete set of solutions that are natural and nourishing and designed for people from India.



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