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    Too stolid to be funny

    It's a wonder that a film that was made over a decade ago, gets released, though, The Fakir Of Venice could well have gone straight to a streaming platform. In the interim, Farhan Akhtar has zoomed up the Bollywood pyramid, Annu Kapoor has, sort of, missed the movie bus, and director Anand Surapur remained dormant. The film could have been a satire on the Western world's fascination with Indian spiritualism, that...

    • 6 months ago
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    Into the waters in a Nidhi Munim

    There was a time a few decades ago when shopping for swimwear was an expensive exercise - one had to go abroad for a good brand and fit. All that has now changed and how? One of the popular swimwear brands belongs to a petit, dynamic, designer, Nidhi Munim who has created quite a stir by turning women into Aqua Queens with her stunning swimsuits. Her debut collection in 2012 at India Resort Fashion Week created...

    • 7 months ago