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How this husband-wife duo is providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic

To pass a day without encountering some form of plastic is nearly impossible for many of us today. Reports suggest that we are generating nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic annually.

Shweta Parshi realised the extent of the waste crisis facing the city while commuting to work through Banashankari, an area in south Bengaluru. The garbage was set on fire every day, and Shweta felt very suffocated passing by, and that is when she decided to take matter into her hands.

To encounter the problem, Shweta, along with her husband Naveen Gowda started studying about garbage management and even approached civic authorities, but to no avail.

Shwetha Parshi and Naveen Gowda (Image: I Know Waste)

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She felt, the root of the problem was the use of plastic, and decided to lead a low waste life in order to cut down the waste being generated. Once the duo managed to identify products to lead a low waste and sustainable life, they founded Biomimic Theory in 2018.

The eco-friendly startup provides sustainable products to counter the use of plastic in our everyday life.

Biomimic Theory’s wet bag is an alternative to a plastic bag. Made of garment production scrap fabric, it can be used to store damp clothes, towels, used cutlery, and fruit peels when you are on the move.

It has also come up with Fab Array, which is a reusable cutlery kit, and Bio Array consists of neem wood cutlery.

Speaking to NDTV on the same, Shwetha said,

“The three most basic plastic disposable waste items are spoons, forks, and straws, and that is the reason we have tapped into that zone. Our pack of eco-friendly cutlery comes in a small pouch, which can easily be carried anywhere and everywhere. All a person needs to do is refuse plastic while placing his/her order, and use the steel or wood-based cutlery.”

Fab Array, reusable cutlery (Image: NDTV)

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Priced in the range of Rs 450 and Rs 1,299, the startup claims to have reached 95 homes. Along with reusable cutleries, the startup also focuses on awareness and education through various social campaigns.

The duo also advises individuals on how to lead a sustainable life, and is further working on community building activities for expansion of their sustainability programme.

Speaking to Pi Marq, Shwetha said,

“There are currently two communities and one self-help group handcrafting our products. We emphasise on durability, quality, fair wages, ethical materials, and lifetime value. We work over 10 hours a day and still wake up with excitement to do new things to make this work. Passion for this cause makes it even more fulfilling.”

Besides Biomimic Theory, the duo also entered into a partnership with Go Native restaurant to offer Unpackaged, a plastic-free bulk store. Here, one can buy food grains, pulses, species, and a few other things, but without packaging.

Speaking about the future, Shweta said,

“We plan to have more compact and modular products, which are easy to carry and use on the go. Currently, carrying a plate is neither feasible nor a viable option for everyone, but a lunch box might work,” reports NDTV.

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