Tuesday, 27 Jul, 6.09 am Ahmedabad Mirror

Somnath temple flag unfurling mechanised

The unfurling of the flag atop Somnath temple, traditionally done by hand for the last 70 years, will now be done mechanically.
Unfurling of the flag on the temple has been a tradition in Somnath since the day it was opened to public. The temple top is at a height of 155 feet from land, hence the unfurling was always a difficult task. According to Somnath Trust PRO Dhruv Joshi, well-trained temple staff used to climb atop the temple and unfurl the flag cautiously on behalf of worshipers. Since the task was difficult and risky, the temple trust had taken a Rs 1 crore insurance for the staff unfurling it. Somnath temple was reconstructed and opened to the public by the first President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad, on May 11, 1951.
The temple offers a special pilgrim package for 'Dhwaj Puja'. Disciples donate Rs 11,000 to the temple to perform a 30-40 minute puja of the flag, followed by 'Dhwajarohan' (unfurling) which is done by the temple staff. All the items needed for the puja are provided by the trust.
About 20-24 Dhwajarohans are done in a day, of which the last one is considered the most auspicious as the last flag stays on the top of the temple for longer. Disciples pay Rs 21,000 as donation for the last Dhwajarohan.
Khodaldham Chairman Naresh Patel was instrumental in getting the Dhwajarohan mechanised. He and his team took up the task of co-ordination and installation of the mechanised unit.

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