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Ali Merchant: A Businessman with a Heart of Gold

Ali Merchant is a young businessman, philanthropist, and business strategist who had started a small venture at a very young age of 12.

Ali Merchant is a young businessman, philanthropist, and business strategist who had started a small venture at a very young age of 12 just because he was interested in business. He comes from a reputed business family in Gujrat where he learned the basic principles of money and the market.

If you believe that some people are born for success then Ali Merchant is surely one of them. Even though, he came from a business-oriented family, his journey to build something from scratch was not easy. But, his positive thinking and business mind helped him to navigate through all challenges. Today, he is the Founder and CEO of AM Infoweb. Runs 2 companies and has invested in 12 others and is also a strategist for these 12 companies, earning millions of dollars in revenue. He always keeps an eye on the bigger picture. His business is not limited to India, he has two offices in the UK and US. He is an outsourcing guru and industry titan specializing in Health Information Management Outsourcing.

His philanthropic nature encourages him to work for the society. He has helped over 1000 people through his non-profit organization Bande Khuda Trust. He is not only generous and kind in his business but is also very concerned about human welfare. He participates in philanthropic activities through the Bande Khuda Trust, initiating projects in the areas of education, healthcare, and livelihood creation for the unprivileged. He believes that we all must give back to the society, and says "If everyone in our country contributes in their own little ways, imagine the difference that 1.2 Billion little contributions would make!"

Young entrepreneurs often come up to him for guidance. He wholeheartedly shares his success principles which primarily revolve around developing the right attitude, improving competence, and having a strong ethical foundation. Though he faced several challenges during the initial days of his business, he continued without losing hope. He believes, nothing worthwhile comes easy, so you have to keep going without giving up.

He says, it would bring him immense joy if he is able to help people with their personal and professional challenges. This is why he provides unconditional guidance and support to young entrepreneurs and professionals. Maybe that is why the youth connect with him and consider him as a great mentor!

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