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    Nintendo achieves profit target as more people take to gaming during lockdown

    Sony Corp., which too has a game unit with its PlayStation series, also reported positive results earlier this week. Tokyo: Nintendo Co.'s profit multiplied more than sixfold in April-June as people stuck at home during the pandemic turned to playing video games. The Japanese manufacturer of Pokemon and Super Mario games, as well as the Switch console, reported...

    • 4 hrs ago
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    Forcing TikTok to sell its US business could end up killing the open internet

    Analysts say the deal could result in data nationalism and have far-reaching effects. Washington: A tie-up of TikTok with Microsoft could extend American dominance of the online and social media world. But it may have some unintended, negative consequences too for US firms and the open internet. The deal being negotiated with the administration of President Donald...

    • 5 hrs ago
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    ByteDance boss in a predicament over Trump's ultimatum on TikTok

    Zhang Yiming has been given just six weeks to find a buyer for the app in the United States or have it banned in its second largest market. Beijing: The Chinese billionaire behind teen phenomenon TikTok is a 37-year-old tech guru whose eye for youth trends has blasted the app to global success-but his inventiveness may not be enough to save the company's lucrative US market....

    • 6 hrs ago
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    Trump's Facebook, Twitter post removed for saying children 'almost immune' to coronavirus

    Action taken over 'misinformation', but the American Academy of Pediatrics says children appear to transmit COVID-19 less than adults. San Francisco: Facebook and Twitter took aim at US President Donald Trump and his campaign Wednesday over a video post in which he contended that children are "almost immune" to the coronavirus, a claim...

    • 8 hrs ago
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    Twitter hacking suspect's Zoom hearing interrupted by porn and rap

    The Zoom users who disrupted the hearing had of course disguised their names. Tampa, Florida: The online bond hearing for a Florida teen accused of hacking prominent Twitter accounts was interrupted Wednesday by rap music and pornographic videos from users who apparently disguised their names. The interruptions-including one by a user who shared a screen and took over the...

    • 9 hrs ago
  • Technology

    Trump's talk of government getting a cut of TikTok deal not legally enforceable

    The President sometimes floats ideas or actions that get set aside without follow-through. New York: President Donald Trump's demand that the US government get a cut from a potential Microsoft purchase of TikTok is the latest unprecedented scenario in an unprecedented situation. Microsoft is in talks to buy parts of TikTok, a forced sale after Trump threatened...

    • yesterday
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    SpaceX's Mars rocket prototype has successful brief flight and landing

    "Mars is looking real," SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk tweeted after the short hop. "Progress is accelerating." Cape Canaveral, Florida: SpaceX launched a prototype of its Mars rocketship hundreds of feet into the air, then landed it upright in a successful test flight. The flight lasted barely 45 seconds and reached just 500 feet (150...

    • yesterday
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    Ban on social media use by defence personnel remains, Delhi High Court dismisses plea against it

    The court said that if the government had assessed that social media enables espionage by enemy countries, it would not overturn the ban. New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday said it would not interfere in the government's decision to bar defence personnel from using social networking websites, including Facebook and Instagram, citing...

    • yesterday
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    Microsoft hopes to gain social media cred with TikTok purchase

    Microsoft has had limited success in social media, although it did acquire the business-focused network LinkedIn. Washington: A deal allowing Microsoft to buy social media phenomenon TikTok could be transformative for the US tech giant's efforts to become more consumer-focused-if it can overcome the business and political risks. Microsoft appeared to be in position to acquire...

    • yesterday
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    Google's plan to buy Fitbit comes under lens of EU competition commissioner

    Google has an operating system for smartwatches so Fitbit's user data will strengthen its already powerful position in targeted advertising. Brussels: The European Commission launched an "in-depth investigation" on Tuesday into whether US tech giant Google's planned $2.1 billion purchase of smartwatch maker Fitbit would give it an unfair market...

    • 2 days ago