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Google Trends Suggests Trump will beat Biden by a bigger margin than 2016

Even before the rioting in the last couple of days, things were looking bleak for the Democrats.

Google Trends (United States)

2016, May 22nd to May 28th, Trump: 8, Clinton: 3

2020, May 24 to May 30th, Trump: 11, Biden: 3

So at the same time 4 years ago, Trump had a smaller lead on Clinton than he has on Biden.

Google Trends (Michigan)

2016, May 22nd to May 28th, Trump: 7, Clinton: 3

2020, May 24 to May 30th, Trump: 13, Biden: 3

In 2016, Clinton was much better placed than Biden in 2020. She lost this State by a small margin. At this rate, Biden will lose this State by a bigger margin

Google Trends (Pennsylvania)

2020, May 24 to May 30th, Trump: 12, Biden: 3

Google Trends (Florida)

Across 3 battleground States things look bleak for Biden. The only caveat is the Google Trends has been failing much more in the last 12 months in India than before. We don't know if it is getting worse in the United States as well.

Further, Polls which have been quite wrong during 2016 are showing Biden with an advantage

Florida + 3.5 for Biden

Pennsylvania +6.5 for Biden

Michigan +5.5 for Biden

The big question is, have the polls gotten better or we should still rely on Google Trends which got 2016 right? Further, there is still 5 months to go for the election, enough time for twists and turns!


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