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Seventeen Home | Emotionally warm comeback music video

Seventeen Home | boys are starting off their new year by going "Home"! On January 21, the group released their sixth mini album 'You Made My Day,' the follow-up to last year's 'You Make My Day,' featuring their new single "Home."

"Home" is a surprisingly mellow urban fusion R&B track that shows off the group's versatility as performers. The music video follows the members through various parts of a very colorful house, while other scenes showcase the group's expectedly stellar choreography.

"Home" expresses the comfortable feeling of a place that brightens the darkness. The lyrics show affectionate emotions about wanting to give this comfortable feeling to the person they like. Being one another's "home" means being able to help each another through difficulties.

Meanwhile, Seventeen will be promoting the new release through music shows and variety programs starting this week.

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