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Mrs. Jayadevi Cholayil and Mr. Lasakan Cholayil launch Sadhev - The Art of Ayurveda

Mrs. Jayadevi Cholayil and Mr. Lasakan Cholayil, from The House of CHOLAYIL, unveiled 'SADHEV' The Art Of Ayurveda, on 14th September at The Leela Palace.

SADHEV brings to you a stunning range of Ayurvedic products to restore natural beauty. Their products treat your skin delicately and with the reverence it deserves.Available online at www.sadhev.com , Sadhev's product line is aimed at providing a safe, natural and Ayurvedic alternative to chemical products for everyday use. Our skin is sensitive, and a little support from nature ensures it stays healthy, radiant, moist and youthful.