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After 18 years of Erwadi incident, mental healthcare still not available to many

Exactly 18 years ago today, 28 chained mentally ill people were burned to death in Erwadi village in Tamil Nadu and nobody helped them. Erwadi fire incident is an accident that occurred on 6 August 2001, when 28 inmates of a faith-based mental asylum died in the fire. All these inmates were bound by chains at Moideen Badusha Mental Home in Erwadi Village.

Even today a very small part of the population really understands mental illness and a relatively large population suffer from it. Experts say that a lot still needs treatment and human rights of people with mental illnesses.

A large number of mental homes existed in Erwadi which was famous for the dargah of Quthbus Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Valiyullah, from Medina, Saudi Arabia who came to India to propagate Islam.