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After all, why the post mortem of a dead body is not done at night! You will be surprised to know the reason

The human mind is very inquisitive and we try to find the answer to every single question. One such question that must also have come to your mind is that why the postmortem of a dead body is done in the day.

After examining the dead body, the exact cause of that person's death is ascertained. But why does the postmortem not happen at night instead of day. Today we are going to tell you about this.

The time of postmortem of the dead bodies is from sunrise to sunset. The reason behind this is that in the artificial light of tubelight or LED at night, the color of the injury appears purple instead of red. But the forensic does not mention a purple color injury. Therefore, the time of day is considered right for injury and study of body.

There is also a religious reason behind not having a postmortem at night. As we know that when a person dies, his funeral is performed in the day and not in the night. Hence postmortem is also done during the day.

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