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Beauty Tips: Excess heat damages the hair, know what should be the temperature of your heat styling tools

If you use heat styling products like a hair straightener and curler to style hair, then you need to apply it on your hair.

Today, girls often experiment in their hairstyling to change their look. In such a situation, she often uses different heat styling tools such as hair straightener and curler etc. to style her hair. Of course, with the help of these heat styling tools, your hair will look very beautiful and stylish at that time, but continuous use causes damage to the hair. Heat styling tools increase the chances of hair dulling and breakage.

However, this damage is increased even more when you do not pay attention to the temperature of these heat styling tools and keep their temperature high. They feel that this will make their tools warm faster, then the hair will also straighten and curl faster and better. While this does not happen. This thinking of yours can burn your hair or damage them a lot. So, in this article today, we are telling you what should be the right temperature for your heat styling product like a hair straightener and hair curler-

Focus on density

The temperature of your heat styling tools mainly depends on the density of your hair. This is why the temperature of heat styling tools can vary for every girl, as their hairs have different textures. For example, if your hair is thin then you should keep the temperature of the heat styling tool low. At the same time, women with thick hair have to keep the tool temperature high. If your hair is thin then you can style your hair by setting the temperature between 70-140 ° C. (Use hair straightener like this at home ) While normal hair can be styled at 180 ° C, thicker or thick hairs require a temperature of around 200 ° C. This rule applies to every heat styling product such as hair straightener, curling iron, curling rod, flat iron and blowout brush.

Pay attention to texture

You also have to pay attention to the texture of the hair, setting the temperature of any heat styling product. For example, if your hair is naturally straight and you are using a hair straightener, then you need to keep a low setting because the hair texture is already straight and therefore your hair will get straightened even at low temperatures. At the same time, if your hairs have curly texture, then to straighten the hairs, you have to keep the temperature of the heat styling tool high.

Take care of it

If you still do not understand what the temperature of your heat styling tool should be, you can ask your hairstyling expert or a professional. So next time you go to the salon, do not forget to ask the professional about it.

At the same time, even if your hair is dyed, you should keep the temperature low because excessive heat will damage your hair as well as fade the colour of your hair.

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