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Here the girl has to celebrate her first night in front of the mother! Click here to know the reason

Marriage is considered a sacred relationship. By the way, in our country even today people feel hesitant to talk openly about Sachs. No specific knowledge is given about the sex education related to this case, but on hearing the name of Sachs, a strange cloak starts running in people's bodies.

By the way, in every country, there are unique, strange and funny laws related to physical relations, which will not be a surprise to you. Today we tell you about such places where people have their own different thinking and beliefs.

The tradition or law of Colombia says something else. Here a woman can have sex only with her husband. She cannot have sex with anyone else. Not only this, when the woman has sex with her husband for the first time, the girl's mother is also present in the room and she sees the woman and her husband having sex. Now only Colombian couples can tell how they would have sex in the presence of any other person or how they would feel.

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