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    10 Best Indian Print Advertisements That'll Blow Your Mind

    Advertisements are one of the most effective sources to endorse or promote any product. It helps to send a message to the masses about the product or services. Over the years we all have witnessed more than a lakh advertisements be it on television, radio or print advertisements and by each passing years, we have seen it revolve and being better than before.

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    Unknown And Mind Blowing Facts About Space And Universe

    The universe is full of mysteries which if recovered will blow your mind away. And every scientific discovery in the field of space and universe is considered huge. There are millions of theories with 'what if' goes around related to the astronomy. These are some unknown facts about universe which are mind-blowing: 1. If you leave the earth atmosphere with the speed of light and come...

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    10 Upcoming Superhero Films Which Is Going To Keep You Hooked Till 2021

    Superhero film or a Superhero action film is every kid's favourite, well I believe we should change to millennials favourite movie genre. There was a time when waking up early in the morning to complete homework so that we can watch our favourite superheroes on television. We still go to any extent to grab the tickets to watch our favourite superheroes doing wonders on the...

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    5 Places On The Earth Where Gravity Does Not Work

    It is being said that there is nothing in this world which is not affected by the gravitational force of the Earth and anything which goes up in the air, whether heavy or light, solid or liquid, will definitely come down because of this force. However, there are some places on this planet where gravity does not work.

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    Baarish Wala Pyaar: When Rain Plays A Cupid Everything Turns Romantic

    'Rain' has always been considered romantic by poets and storytellers all around the world, no matter from which era they belong. Even today when a couple imagines a romantic scenario, rain is always a part of their imagination. Rain is the best which starts with petrichor and ends up making everyone happy, even the earth.

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    10 Bengali Vegetarian Dishes You That Can Make You Lick Your Fingers

    The first thing you'll hear when you go outside Bengal, maach khabo? I get this many Bengalis love fish and few don't (they exist). No matter how much we love maach (fish), we have a separate feelings for vegetables too. My mother even puts eggplant while making fish curry, you know does matter to us.

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    10 Best Content Based Movies Of 2019 Which Made Us Believe In Bollywood Again

    2019 is a year of Bollywood as we Indians got some really great movies this year which will remain in our hearts forever. We rarely get some content-driven films nowadays and the audience loves fiction, not needed action and double meaning humor. But in the world full of nonsensible movies, these films proved that content is still a hero in any film.

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    India-South Africa Series: 5 Important Things To Know About Jio TV Latest Offer

    Gone are the days when people used to spend their times on TV screens for watching Indian cricket team matches. Now, the change in lifestyle has made Indians look for new options and Jio TV has emerged as a popular platform for streaming live cricket matches. And now, Jio TV is continuing to entertain the audience by providing free access to LIVE matches during the...

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    Woman Cooks Sweet Maggi With Rose Petals. Twitter Calls It Maha-Paap & More Harmful Than Lead

    There are times when a person is very hungry and wants to have something tasty to eat. Now as far as making a food item instantly is concerned, we are quite sure that only one thing will come to your mind! Yes, you guessed it right! It's none other than our loving Maggi. Maggi is so deeply connected with the lives of Indians that for some of us, it...

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    Chennai Super Kings Cricketer Gave A Hilarious Reply To Netflix India's Tweet

    The South African cricketer Lungisani Ngidi also known as lungi who plays for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. The 23-year-old fast bowler has a crazy sense of humour which is pretty visible if you can stalk his twitter. Aren't we all aware about the hilarious humor of the admin handling the official twitter handle of Netflix India to keep their...

    • 6 days ago