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Top 19 Psychological Amazing Facts About Girl or Women Attraction - You Should Must Read

It is difficult for anybody to say that he or she understand girls or women. Some even say that no one has understood them till date. This is because no one can guess when the mood of any girl changes.

1. Love to feel special

Girls like it when they feel special, that is, when someone gives them more preference.

2. Don't like to lie

Girls do not like lying at all, especially in relationship matters.

3. Girls more talkative

Girls are far ahead of boys in talking.

4. Cry in heart

If the girls are sad but are not crying, it means they are crying in the heart.

5. False compliment

Girls like to praise themselves, even if it is not a false compliment.

6. Don't be too serious

If you become very serious while talking to girls, then they end the matter.

7. Can't understand their behavior

At first glance, you cannot understand the behavior of any girl.

8. Tears in eyes

Whenever the person in front says such a thing which is in the mind of the girl, after listening to it, the tears in the eyes of the girl do come.

9. Girls' sentiments

Girls are so sensitive that if a boy says something extremely sentimental, then she does not forget him throughout his life.

10. Day dreams

The girls keep daydreaming about their crush, but never let it be known.

11. Dislike everything against favorite person

Girls do not like to hear even one word against their favorite person.

12. Call by name

If anyone calls girls after their name, they like it very much.

13. Thinking about it every minute

Girls think every minute of what they love.

14. Love to advise

If someone asks girls for advice, they like it very much. Also advise together.

15. If the girl cooks for you

If any girl came to cook something special for you, then understand that you are very special for her.

16. Never say this to girls

Never tell girls that they are of no use. They find it very bad.

17. Like to lay hands on the waist

If the boyfriend puts his hands on the waist, the girls feel very happy.

18. Never feel like a girl

If a girl gets angry, do not feel her feeling, rather ask her directly.

19. first crush

The girls never forget their first crush.

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